Paperback Book Day 2021 is on Friday, July 30, 2021: Hardcover paperback college books?


Friday, July 30, 2021 is Paperback Book Day 2021.

Paperback Book Day

Whilst digital books and e-readers are ending up being significantly popular, there's still something quite special concerning an aged made book. Paperback Book Day commemorates the look, structure and encounter of reading a paperback classic.

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Hardcover paperback college books?

There is no difference in the material inside the book its just the type of cover. The hardcover might last longer and be easier to carry around, but if you've already bought the spiral bound book there shouldn't be a problem. I would just keep it since you've already spent your money on it and its cheaper. Ask your teacher about it on the first day of class or look around to see if any other students have the spiral bound book.

R.I.P ’The Book’......?

R.I.P 'The Book'......?

"I am never reading a paperback! Give me a hardback any day!"

"I'm never reading one of Herr Gutenberg's 'printed' books. Give me illuminated vellum any day!"

"I'm never reading one of these new-fangled 'books' with pages that you have to turn. Give me papyrus scrolls any millennium!"

I own a Kindle, and can see myself never buying another paper book for my own use. It's the author's words that are important, not the details of how they get from his brain into mine.

Price to ship a small paperback book?

Price to ship a small paperback book?

If the paperback is small and doesn't weigh much, ship first class. Here's the breakdown:

1 oz is 80 cents

2 oz 97 cents

3 oz $1.14

4 oz $1.31

5 oz $1.48

6 oz $1.65

7 oz $1.82

8 oz $1.99

9 oz, $2.16.

At this point, media mail is cheaper, but it also has a slower delivery time. Media mail is for books, DVDs, CDs, etc and CAN BE OPENED by the post office to verify the merchandise is eligible for the media mail class. Also, I've recently learned you can not include any notes to the recipient - I guess that makes it turn into a package? Not sure of the logic. Anyway, here are media mail rates:

Up to one pound - $2.13

Over one pound and up to two pounds - $2.47

Priority mail in a flat rate envelope costs $4.60 with delivery in 2-3 days.

So, if you're mailing a book lighter than 9 ounces, first class is your best bet. It's cheaper and faster.

In addition, if for some reason a media mail package is returned to you, it will have postage due, and you'll have to pay $2.13 (on top of the $2.13 you already spent to mail it in the first place) if you want it back.

I've mailed out a lot of books and as far as I know, none of my packages have been searched to see if they're eligible for media mail, but it could happen.

Parcel post costs MORE.

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