Pack Rat Day 2019 is on Friday, May 17, 2019: How do I cure my pack rat husband?


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Pack Rat Day

We’re all a bit materialistic, and have a tendency to purchase, own and hoard more ‘stuff’ than we may really need… We’re all pack rats, hoarders of treasures and possessions. Pack Rat Day encourages us to embrace the truth that you want to keep stuff, and indicates that you simply shouldn’t throw your old possessions, clothes or perhaps rubbish away because it might be helpful or useful for days or a long time.

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How do I cure my pack rat husband?

Pack Rat-ism is very hard to curb. Unless he is willing to change, it will be pretty much useless to even try.

Things to try to keep it in check.

1) tell him straight up how you feel about all the clutter. Try not to use tears except as a last resort. (LOL)

2) Explain to him how the clutter makes you feel.

3) Warn him that for every piece he brings home, one piece is getting thrown away. If he doesn't choose, you will. You will no longer tolerate adding to the clutter.

4) Give him a designated spot to store his clutter. Preferably an outdoor shed that can be closed and locked away. If it doesn't fit into the shed, he has to get rid of it.

5) Lay down the law that absolutely NO more clutter can come into the house.

6) Tell him that if you don't get a choice in deciding what he buys, then it doesn't belong in the house that you SHARE.

7) Call in an organizer to help you get rid of stuff. They will help you bully your husband into letting go of this "junk".

8) Apply for the TV show "Clean Sweep". On TLC

9) Tell him if it's broken, out it goes. You are no longer a junkyard. Don't let him claim he can fix it. If he hasn't done it yet, chances are he won't.

10) If you have no use for it, get rid of it.

11) List the items on freecycle or cheapcycle, or have a yard sale.

12) Donate the items to charity.

13) Remind him that a marriage is about the two of you, not him and his junk. He needs to be willing to compromise, or you will decorate the master bedroom in all white with little pink flowers (or similar threat)

14) Try to remember, he didn't bring it all home in just a day, and it will probably take you a few months to finally get rid of it all. Keep plugging away and hopefully things will start getting better.

are you a pack rat?

are you a pack rat?

Yes and I hate myself for it, until one day I have just what I needed!

Murphy`s law of pack ratting: If you wait ten years and throw it out you`ll need the very day after the trashman has taken it away!

Are you a pack Rat?

Are you a pack Rat?

Yes, I'm somewhat of a pack rat. I have many boxes of things to go through, still...and I know I have a lot of things that are of sentimental value. I even have pencils, pens and markers from childhood that I used to love to draw with. And I can't bear to get rid of my childhood toy box, even though it has no bottom. Of course, I can just fix it! Someday... Right now, my main problem is that I'm just too tired to go through all the crap I have!

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