Nougat Day 2021 is on Friday, March 26, 2021: Does a Mars a day really help you "Work Rest and Play"?


Friday, March 26, 2021 is Nougat Day 2021.

Nougat Day

Fulfill the sweet tooth on Nougat Day and declare it each day because of not calorie counting! Heck, satisfy an entire mouth of sweet teeth and smile completely through bites from the scrumptious mixture.Celebrate the ode to nougat by opening individuals all-time favorite chocolate bars that fill using the tasty confectionary. A combination of honey, sugar, nuts and much more, nougat has not been more worthy of its very own day.The Three Musketeers and Baby Ruth bars are share-worthy options use them a platter and hands them to hungry neighbors. Participate in the sugar high too, just like any good neighbor would do. Downing a couple of from the nougat-filled sweets includes a sweetness written throughout it. Oh, seriously, who would like to miss a calorie-free day?!Any Charleston Chew fan sings the praises of the day – well, following the ingesting the nougat first! Sweet days are here, sweet days are here.

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Does a Mars a day really help you "Work Rest and Play"?

"A Mars A Day was invented in 1959,"

Off the top of your head, recite three advertising jingles. Done it? Good. It's not scientific, Heineken Refreshes The Parts Other Beers Can't Reach, Beans Means Heinz and A Mars A Day Helps You Work Rest And Play make up the top three names in a loose sample of twenty- and thirtysomething respondents.

And yet, they're all dead. Or rather, as of today they're all dead. A Mars A Day has soldiered on manfully as the last of the three still to be in circulation, but now Mars has been relaunching and the nougat/ caramel/chocolate bar's new slogan is

Pleasure You Can't Measure.

That is not the only part of the relaunch. There's a new typeface on the wrapper - a trademarked typeface that's been engineered to look more modern - the nougat in the bar has been extra whipped to make it lighter on the stomach. The whole process, with advertising support, is costing Mars' owner, Masterfoods, more than £10m - enough to buy everyone in the country half a Mars bar.

You see, Mars has a problem. It's tough marketing chocolate to Brits. Outside the US, we are - generally speaking - the world's second largest chocolate market. Which fits neatly with our love of getting wildly drunk or hurling MDMA down our necks every weekend. Chocolate, after all, is the nearest thing to a drug you can legally buy if you're eight years old.

It contains three psychoactive chemicals - caffeine, theobromine and phenylethylamine - as well as a variety of sugars. Sugar gives a sudden charge of energy while caffeine's mild amphetamine rush is well known. Theobromine is one of nature's Prozac replacements and phenylethylamine is a mood enhancer. It's the theobromine and the phenylethylamine which give rise to the rumour that chocolate simulates love. They are suspended in a fat, cocoa butter, which is the only stuff in the world that melts at exactly body temperature. The moment you put chocolate in your mouth it spreads out softly, delivering little packets of sugar, caffeine, theobromine and phenylethylamine right into all those pleasure receptors on your tongue. No wonder we love it.

One 60g bar has -

Calories 258 Calories from Fat 70

Total Fat 7.8g12%

Total Carbohydrates 45.6g15%

Dietary Fiber 0.6g2%

Protein 1.8g

Deep Fried MARS BAR

Invented in Scotland, this dish has now become famous worldwide. It is an excellent source of fat, sugar and calories. For a seasonal variation you could also try deep frying a Cadbury's Creme Egg.

1Chill the chocolate bar by keeping it in the fridge, but don't freeze it.

2Mix the flours and bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) together.

3Add milk (traditional) or beer (which gives a lighter result) until you get a batter with the consistency of thin cream.

4Heat the oil until a small piece of bread will brown in a few seconds, but don't allow to smoke.

5Remove wrapper from chilled chocolate bar.

6Coat completely in batter.

7Carefully lower into hot oil and fry until golden brown.

8Serve, with ice cream or french fries, if you're so inclined.

Oh; dont eat for a week afterwards

Getting back to your question; Yes but at a cost...

What is nougat? I know chocolate, but not nougat.?

What is nougat? I know chocolate, but not nougat.?

These days it surely must contain corn syrup. But in the old days, when I rode my dragon to school with stone tablets.......our nougats were made thus:

A milk or cream cooked up with sugar,and flavoring and with an eye on the mixture over time. Much like making fudge, the temperature had to be just right. Then cooled, and when cooled, adding air to it by beating it. Sorta like a taffy making procedure, only not pulling it. You beat the mixture until your arm feels like it's gonna fall off, and by then, the mixture is stiffer, and ready for more ingredients, like nut meats, or crushed candies. Or, placed in a greased (buttered) dish and placed in the refrigerated until firm. Cut into squares or logs, and enjoy. In the case of candy bars, covered with chocolate.

what’s better nougat or fudge?

what's better nougat or fudge?

Fudge! Brandy flavoured fudge

Unless it's the really nice soft fluffy nougat...

Moooo :)

Also on this date Friday, March 26, 2021...