National Pet Day 2019 is on Thursday, April 11, 2019: It's National Pet BIrd Day! Have you shown your bird some love?


Thursday, April 11, 2019 is National Pet Day 2019. National Pet Day! Adopt! Don't Shop! National Pet Day! Adopt!

It’s National Pet BIrd Day! Have you shown your bird some love?

Yes, I did. Everyday I do. But sadly my cockatiel had died just a month ago. I miss him so much. I still have my budgie, Sushi, though. Everyday I play with her and make sure she gets the best care possible. But I really wish there was a National Pet Bird Day. That'd be very nice, but I've never heard of National Pet Bird Day. Is there really that kind of "holiday" for birds? :)

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National Spay/Neuter day?

National Spay/Neuter day?

It would be nice for those who believe that all of their animals need to be taken care of. However the biggest problem is stray animals. Who it going to fix them? So I don't think that there would be any difference in the pet population with a special time for it to be done. I wish that could help but you would come across many problems who would sponsor such a thing even the SPCA whose soul purpose is to control the pet population charges to have a pet fixed!

I don't think that I was blaming them I was just stating the obvious... and they charge $35 not 25 cents. I am just saying even if there was a special no charge day people would still not take advantage of it. I am talking about people not the organizations that help pets. I think that they are great in the things that they offer. Too many PEOPLE just drop of a litter and leave them for some one else to take care of. Please don't take your frustrations out on me!!! Devils Advocate! Why don't you start being a pet advocate!

Savannah sorry for fussing I just wanted to make a point. Thank you for asking your question I know you were just trying to raise awareness.

Where can I find a list of national days?

Where can I find a list of national days?

Here are some just for the the next week, beginning April 17! (I had no idea...!)

*Blah! Blah! Blah! Day: 17

*Ellis Island Family History Day: 17

*Ford Mustang Day: 17

Trivia Days: 17-19

World Hemophilia Day: 17 Link

Adult Autism Day: 18

*Pet Owners Independence Day: 18

Record Store Day: 18

Respect Your Mother Day: 18

Teach Your Daughter to Volunteer Day: 18

Third World Day: 18

*World Amateur Radio Day: 18 Link

Husband Appreciation Day: 18 (3rd Saturday)

Auctioneers Day: 18

*National Hanging Out Day: 19

*Oklahoma City Bombing Commemoration Day: 19

Boston Marathon: 20

*Kindergarten Day: 21

*National Chocolate-covered Cashews Day: 21 Link

National Teach Your Children To Save Day: 21

*Chemists Celebrate The Earth Day: 22

*Earth Day: 22

*National Jelly Bean Day: 22 Link

Administrative Professionals Day or Secretary's Day: 22

*World Book & Copyright Day: 23

Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day: 23

Arbor Day: 24

National Hairball Awareness Day: 24

Also on this date Thursday, April 11, 2019...