National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 2018 is on Friday, December 7, 2018: National holiday ?


Friday, December 7, 2018 is National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 2018.

National holiday ?????

Greetings! Most holidays, except one is created to celebrate an occasion. The one exception is Memorial Day, where we honor the men and women who have died for our country.

The United States has never created a holiday based on a tragedy. Take for example, Pearl Harbor. December 7, 1941 is etched in the minds of people born before 1940 and if those people had children, that day was also etched in theirs. For me, December 7 is a day that I think of with sadness and I was born in the sixties.

For any adult alive on 9-11-01, it will be a day no one will forget. I don't think it needs to be a holiday. We will remember the day forever.

Relating to 9-11, I think what we can do is take Memorial Day, which typically is used to honor our soldiers who have died defending our country, and expand it to include any person who have lost their lives to preserve humanity in the US.

That would include the police officers and firefighters who rushed into the World Trade Center to save as many people as they could before it collapsed. It would include the teachers who stood by their children when a gunperson opened fire on them. It would include the miners who pull die in the mines, bringing out coal to give this nation warmth in a freezing winter.

I am not writing this to degrade the soldiers who have given their lives for our freedom. It just seems to me that when someone surrenders their life so that another can live fits the same supreme sacrifice that men and women in uniforms have done.

To me, those who have made that supreme sacrifice should be honored no matter how they died or what their profession should be. They are all heroes to me and should be treated as such.

I know I went off the subject a bit, but I think your idea is worth this pondering.

Take care.

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9/11 national holiday...?

9/11 national holiday...?

It wasn't the largest attack in US history. If anything Pearl Harbor was larger.

It was a tragedy but I don't know if if should be a national remembrance day. However a lot of other tragedies have holidays, including Pearl Harbor, so it makes sense that it will get one eventually.

Should September 11? be a national holiday?

Should September 11? be a national holiday?

No. we have memorial day for that.

You have a federal national holiday on September 11th then you have to have another one on April 19th for the Oklahoma City bombing. and make Pearl Harbor day on December 7th national Holiday too.

A national Holiday is a day when non-essential government is closed, the banks are closed, nor can elections can't be held on those days.

I think we need to keep it just as it is a day of remembrance just like Pearl Harbor day.

Also on this date Friday, December 7, 2018...