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Parent Teacher Conferences.....?

generally lots of parents have the same problem, and i've always found other parents (of my kids' friends) who would watch my kids during my conference and i watched their kids during theirs (either at our homes, or if our conferences were back-to-back, at the school playground).

if that doesn't work, i'd send a note to the teacher and ask what she thinks about bringing the kids along. at my kids' school, many parents have their kids sit in the hall during conferences, and the teachers are totally fine with that, and some parents also bring younger siblings in the classroom with them. i'd do it myself if i didn't have a preschooler who would be so distracting that i wouldn't be able to concentrate on the conference.

as a final suggestion, most teachers i've encountered have been more than willing to reschedule to a different day if it was really necessary.

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It seems like people don’t like teachers......?

It seems like people don't like teachers......?

I agree with you. Most people do not like teachers. They don't realize what a low-paying - high stress job it is. My father was a teacher and he made me promise him 3 things; don't join the military (he got shot and lost his leg in Korea), don't get married before the age of 26, and don't become a teacher. He also told me if I really wanted to be a teacher, become a professor. Professors get a little more respect.

The quality of teachers in this country is really pathetic, because who would want to be one? I'm not saying ALL teachers are pathetic - but the overall quality is really low. There are some teachers who are dedicated and truly interested in being a teacher. There are many more who don't know what to do with their life, so they teach!

The real problem with our educational system is the priority on running a "babysitting" program for parents while they work. Even worse is the emphasis on sports in our schools.

I was watching something on TV about a woman who is now 24 growing up in what is now the Ukraine. The average income is $300.00 per person per year there. This woman was fluent in Russian, English, German, French and Spanish and classically trained in piano by the age of 15. One of my best friends is from Germany, where she was fluent in German, English, Italian, French and Spanish by age 14. She went to school 3 days a week for about 4 hours at a time. There was no need for a football or soccer field, track, basketball, tennis, or raquetball court. Music was not taught in school. (However, they did have a pool hall and a bar on campus.) She also had to decide by the age of 11 whether she was going to college or not! Teachers were highly paid and highly respected in her community. Think of all the money saved by not paying coaches or maintaining sports arenas.

I'm not against children or adults playing sports. I compete at the national level in equestrian sports myself. I have season tickets to both pro and NCAA basketball and footbal teams! However, there was no riding arena or riding lessons at my public school! My parents didn't support my love of horses, either! I believe if you REALLY want it - you will get it! Whether it's to play professional sports or guitar or ride Dressage, like me. I can tell you for certain, the community financially supporting basketball and football DID NOT ENHANCE MY EDUCATION!

I also don't think schools or teachers need to be running a babysitting service, daycare, or parenting your children. If the students want to be there, let them be there! If not, don't force them to be a burden and a distraction to those who do. Think how much more attention each student can receive if every class is cut into 1/4 the size and each student only attends either half the morning or half the afternoon three days a week!! The schools that are "too small" wouldn't be anymore! I also think students need more pressure on them to decide "what they want to do in life", and take some responsibility for it! We've got TOO many 22 and 24 year olds who "Don't know what they want to be when the GROW UP!"

I got accepted into college at the age of 12. I was in the top 1% of all students nationally. However, at the international level - I was a pretty mediocre student!

So, that is what I think is wrong with education in the U.S., and how it leads to poor quality teachers and the negative attitude towards them.

Are teachers in Australia underpaid?

Are teachers in Australia underpaid?

I would like to point out that most teachers are on salaries of $50,000-60,000 not the $130000 as quoted by another person, if they were on that kind of money they wouldnt be complaining. It's shocking that in this day and age there are still people who think teachers only work 9 to 3 each it out if they did they wouldnt get through all the paper work, planning and marking and anyone who knows teachers properly understands that the workload is huge and as dedicated professionals they accept that it is part of their job. Many professions are underpaid and undervalued by our society its doesnt make it acceptable and it doesnt make it right but there are few, like teachers who willingly go to work and accept abuse from students, parents and the wider community because there is nothing they can do about it....I challenege anyone who thinks its a walk in the park to earn your degree and become a teacher there's a shortage, try it for yourself before you critise it and remember when it is school holidays that teachers are often working while many parents resent having their own children at home...if parents dont want them at home why expects teachers to want them. Walk a mile in a dedicated teachers shoes, survive on the money they earn and then have an opinion.

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