National Medal of Honor Day 2021 is on Thursday, March 25, 2021: Ideal people for National History Day?


Thursday, March 25, 2021 is National Medal of Honor Day 2021. Badass of the Week: John Alfred Wilson and the Great Locomotive Chase one of those

Ideal people for National History Day?

How about Charles Limberg?

Charles Lindbergh

(1902–1974), U.S. flier, aviation consultant, author, and conservationist

An army‐trained pilot who also flew the mail, Lindbergh achieved world fame in 1927 for his New York–to–Paris flight, the first solo transatlantic air crossing. The hero was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Medal of Honor, and promoted to colonel in the Air Corps Reserve.

While in Europe in the 1930s, Lindbergh made several visits to Germany and was credited with obtaining valuable air intelligence for the United States. In 1938, the U.S. ambassador in London, Joseph Kennedy, asked Lindbergh to assess the military situation in Europe. Lindbergh argued against fighting Germany because he believed German airpower would be overwhelming.

Upon returning home in 1939, Lindbergh advised the Air Corps on its expansion. When war came in Europe, he spoke out against U.S. involvement and eventually joined the isolationist America First Committee. Denounced by President Franklin D. Roosevelt for his stand, he resigned his reserve commission. In a Des Moines speech (1941), he singled out the Roosevelt administration, the British, and the Jews as “war agitators.” The speech caused a furor in which Lindbergh was widely attacked as an anti‐Semite.

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt blocked Lindbergh from serving in uniform. Nonetheless, Lindbergh joined the war effort. He became a consultant at the Willow Run bomber plant, and evaluated the F4U Corsair fighter for United Aircraft. Although a civilian, Lindbergh made his way to the Pacific and persuaded local commanders to allow him to fly in combat. He completed fifty missions and was credited with downing one Japanese plane.

Lindbergh traveled to Europe after V‐E Day to study German jets and rockets. As an air force adviser he inspected military units, helped select the Air Force Academy site in Colorado, and served six years on the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Department of Defense. In 1960, he retired as a reserve brigadier general, having been appointed to that rank in 1954.

[See also Academies, Service: U.S. Air Force Academy; Isolationism; World War II, U.S. Air Operations in: The Air War Against Japan.]

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What does Memorial Day mean to you personally?

What does Memorial Day mean to you personally?

A time to remember and thank those men and women "who gave the last full measure of devotion" "that that nation might live."

To a size of 172.5 acres, the Normandy American Cemetery has 9,387 burials of US service men and women. Of this number, some 307 are unknowns, three are Medal of Honour winners and four are women. In addition there are 33 pairs of brothers buried side by side.

Private tombstone of Maj. Louis Cukela, United States Marine Corps. Maj. Cukela is a double recipient of the Medal of Honor, one by the Navy and one by the Army. (Arlington National Cemetery - Arlington, VA)

View of the Unknown Soldiers taken from the Mall Entrance with the Amphitheater in background (Arlington National Cemetery - Arlington, VA)

Mt Suribachi

Gettysburg Address carved into the right side of the Lincoln Memorial Washingoton, D.C.

The Official Site for James Bond Stockdale

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What does Memorial Day mean to you?

What does Memorial Day mean to you?

Thank you. I will be leaving shortly to attend services with my American Legion Post at Riverside National Cemetery. Riverside is the home of the National Medal of Honor Memorial. The wall displays the names of every awardee and the battle and date where they went above and beyond. I normally post in the politics section. There they are arguing about who is giving the speech at Arlington. It does not bother me that Obama is not paying the tribute at Arlington. It is not about who pays the tribute, but to whom the tribute is paid. It seems the meaning of the day is lost on many. I thought I would share with you this song written by the brother in law of a friend of mine.

It was also posted this weekend here

Please God, Bless America once again

Also on this date Thursday, March 25, 2021...