National Handbag Day 2019 is on Thursday, October 10, 2019: what to do in Amsterdam for six days?


Thursday, October 10, 2019 is National Handbag Day 2019. NationalHandbagDay Instagram Roundup Part One - October 9th ... National Handbag Day

what to do in Amsterdam for six days?

You can take your time, roam the city.

See the differences in the different parts of town.

There are more museums than you can even visit in six days, here is a link with the more known once, with explanations and links in English:

But there are more, the whole of the Netherlands has more than 1500 museums, all of which are within reach from Amsterdam, even on a daytrip.

The most famous (often named here) museums are the Rijksmuseum, (has been part closed for restoration and refurbishing for a few years now and will be for a few years to come,) van Gogh museum, Anne Frank house, (only go if you really want to go, as for people who have not read the book it is a bit of a disappointment.)

But there are more, from glasses and handbags to art from the classic world.

If there is any thing you want to see a museum about (your own hobby for instance) just enter that, hobby and Netherlands or nl into google. I found that the way to most of the museums in the country.

If you like daytrips out of town, you can go with one of the tour companies or you can take the local trains and buses.

De Zaanse schans, a little north from Amsterdam, is often mentioned as a tour, but the last I heard the price of the tour was several times that what traveling by public transport and paying your own entry would cost.

At this time there is a ferry connection between the station and the park, adding an other 10 minutes to the walk, but nice in itself. I have been there only a few weeks back.

By train it is about 20 minutes from Amsterdam.

There are tours that are so much easier than traveling under your own steam that the extra cost will be worth it, if you want to see the villages of Edam, Volendam and Marken in one day, you will see a lot of slow local buses with eratic timetables. With a tour it is all cut and pasted together.

Other daytrips, good by public transport are:

Zuiderzee museum, (open air museum about the area round the IJselmeer,) in Enkhuizen.

Openlucht museum Arnhem, (the national Openair museum,)

Den Haag (the Hague,) Rotterdam, Haarlem, Delft, Alkmaar, Utrecht, all other towns in the Netherlands, worth a visit, most traditional Dutch walled towns in the past. Rotterdam is different in that is has been completely rebuild after WWII, and the Hague in that it has never been walled.

Zandvoort for the beach, and there is more like that too.

More info on the site I already linked to:

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any chance of having a (women’s) hand bag free day?

any chance of having a (women's) hand bag free day?

I hate handbags! and I'm a woman. I think they keep women in a submissive place and that you cannot possibly do anything properly while carrying it!

It also irritates me when they take three hours at the checkout to take something out of the bag, while I'm waiting and i already have my money ready!!!!

Pockets, pockets, pockets.

How to tour Kuala Lumpur in 2 days?

How to tour Kuala Lumpur in 2 days?

Hi there

Here are some of the most visited and "must go" places in KL.

1) KLCC- the most popular landmark there with great shopping areas and an large aquarium you can visit called Aquaria.

2)Petronas Twin Tower - definitely the other popular landmark there. Most travellers to KL will take pictures there with this unique building.

3)Petaling Street-this is a night market shopping spot. Filled with clothings, accesorries, shoes, handbags, etc.

4)National Zoo

5) Central Market

6) National Art gallery

7) Pavillion- the latest and biggest shopping mall in the area.

You can visit for other info on KL or even anything about Malaysia and you can also get maps at this site to help you navigate your way there.

Hope this helps!

Also on this date Thursday, October 10, 2019...