National Gin Day 2020 is on Saturday, November 7, 2020: Have you ever declared it National Styles Gagan Day?


Saturday, November 7, 2020 is National Gin Day 2020. This Saturday - Celebrate National Gin Day at Mandarin Oriental's ... mandarin gin

Have you ever declared it National Styles Gagan Day?

Wow, my own holiday! I'm very flattered! Since it is MY holiday, I ask we celebrate with hugs, lap dances, gin and tonics and some awesome music, to accompany the lap dancing! Then we can all get filthy, drink more, take a shower, and then we can let the real party start! :-)

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What’s a good topic for National History Day 2010?

What's a good topic for National History Day 2010?

Don't forget that innovation isn't necessarily an invention. It can be anything new, like a method, and idea, etc... It can even be a new law!

Technological innovation will seem like the most obvious ones to choose since they're so easy. Although in my opinion, it's best to choose something that no one else would have. ;)

Cotton gin and camera have been done tons of times before, but I like the gunpowder one. There's tons of impact and change about that topic.

Music has evolved sooo much in the hundreds of years of its past. I'm sure you can find an innovation of a music style or something (like pop or rock 'n roll).

Best of Luck!!


Best joke all day?

Best joke all day?

Yeah, tks for the joke. Its a good one. I will give you one in return.

A man was in court for calling his president 'Stupid'

The judge sentenced him two years for insulting a president and another five years for revealing a national secret.

Well, heres another one. Your character going to buy ciggies at the bar reminds me of this one. Might as well share it with you. Afterall its friday today.

The Chinese visitor once said, 'Americans are funny people. They put gin in your drink to warm you up, then ice to keep you cool. Then they say, here is to you and then drink it themselves.'

One swallow does not make a summer but several swallows of liquor frequently make a fall. Lol.....

Also on this date Saturday, November 7, 2020...