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Why is the national animal of France a chicken?

The Latin word "Gallus" means both "Gallic, related to Gaulish people" and "rooster". Some antique coins were marked by a rooster, but the bird wasn't at the time an emblem for Gaulish tribes.

In the Middle Ages the rooster is a religious symbol, due to the Good Book story. This is why it is nowadays, still standard to find a rooster on most churches.

In the Renaissance era the rooster is progressively associated with the emerging national idea. Under the Valois and Bourbons dynasties, the king's effigy is often associated with the bird on medals and coins. The rooster is a minor emblem, but is present in the Louvre and Versailles.

The revolutionaries in search of emblems adopt it as a symbol of the national identity.

After 1830 by Decree of the king Louis-Philippe, the rooster adorns the flag of the National Guard.

After WWI, the Elysée palace has a grille decorated with the rooster, the 'grille du coq', still in place today . During WWI, propaganda posters and newpapers caricatures consecrate the rooster as an allegory of French courage. The reference to Gaulish tribes fighting against the Romans add a romantic flavour to the symbol. The rooster is the symbol of France as a country with peasant origins, proud, determined, courageous and fecond.

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31 Days Travelling Solo in the USA?

31 Days Travelling Solo in the USA?

My best suggestion:

Start in San Diego following the 8 out into Arizona. You pass some really cool dunes along the way and great Mexican food. Head up along the Colorado River from Yuma and stop and see London Bridge and Lake Havasu. Continue on to Vegas, gamble a bit, then head out on I-40 to the Grand Canyon, worth it despite the crowds. Continue East on I-40 to the Painted desert NP and then Albuquerque. Albuquerque is really a fun little city with a quirky "artsy fartsy" scene. Santa Fe and Taos are also close by. East of Albuquerque, the landscape gets really flat, so head south to El Paso. Pretty scenery, and you can detour to White Sands (bring a snowboard for sand skiing) and, if you are lucky, Trinity Site (Atom bombs). Head East on I-10 to Carlsbad Caverns (Spectacular) then on to San Antonio (The Alamo, Spanish Missions, Spanish art and the Museum of Texas cultures)Houston is next on the 10, as is New Orleans (Both culturally different... Houston is more industrial, not too scenic, but there are things to see, like the Johnson Space Center and the San Jacinto Monument). New Orleans has been rebuilt in the tourist areas, and Bourbon Street with Cajun food is a must. You can continue East on the 10 along the Gulf coast into Florida (Nice beaches along the way, but off the interstate), ending in Jacksonville, which is 50 miles or so South of Savannah. You can then travel straight up I-95 to Washington, Baltimore, New York, and Boston.

This itinerary is a bit ambitious for a month, to be honest with you, but you would be able to see your whole list. Keep in mind that Washington, New York, and Boston each have enough in them to keep you busy for weeks.... Sort of like trying to see all of Europe in a month.... You can see the major stuff, but you miss out on really "seeing" a place. Add transport time, and.... You get the picture. A month long car rental would be best... try around... the rates are usually discounted quite a bit for monthly, but the one-way fees may get you. Remember: The US is BIG... Distances are far and I can tell you that there is often a whole lot of nothing between sights. That being said, particularly in the West and South, a car is useful to reach some of the places you mention. Honestly, the bus would be brutal, particularly in the South. Busses in the States are not like European busses. If I had to choose and were in your shoes, I would go cheap on Southwest Airlines, one way to Base cities along the way and rent a car in each one. Each flight leg of the following should be under $100 if you book soon:

SAN - ABQ (Grand Canyon, Southwest scenery)

ABQ - HOU (San Antonio, New orleans)

HOU to JAX (Savannah, St Augustine, Daytona)

JAX - BWI (DC, Baltimore, easy train to NYC and Boston)

Pittsburgh is a bit out of the way, and, despite the reputation, a pretty decent city. Again, a cheap flight from BWI.

Just my two cents....

Going to Philly next month for 2 days and looking for something fun to do?

Going to Philly next month for 2 days and looking for something fun to do?

Welcome to Philly!

Not knowwing what your interests or preferences are, it's difficult to say what is a "must-see" in Philly, but here are a few suggestions that you can consider.

I grouped them according to interest, location and a "walkable" distance. The restaurants are close to the sites and relatively inexpensive. I put a ($) next to a higher priced restaurant, and a (**) next to my favorites.

for visual arts (Center City north):

The Art Museum (Ben Franklin Parkway)

The Rodin Museum (Ben Franklin Parkway)

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts** (N. Broad & Cherry)

Places to eat: TGI Friday's, Rose Tatoo** ($$). The Sheraton Hotel (17th & Race) has Phillips Restaurant ($$) and The Terrace.

for tourists attractions: (Olde City)

The National Liberty Museum** (3rd & Chestnut)

The Constitution Center** (6th & Market)

Places to eat: El Azteca, Society Hill Hotel & Restaurant, Jones**, Bookbinders ($$), Cuba Libre ($$). Also, the Bourse Building (5th & Market St.) has a food court.

for History and memorabilia (Center City South)

Civil War Museum (18th & Pine)

The Historical Society of PA (13th & Locust)-- great library for history buffs!

Antique Row (independent shops along Pine St.)

Places to eat: Monk's (excellent burgers & beer), Mixto**, Ted's Montana Grill**, The Marathon Grill on the Square. There's a food court in the Bellevue Building (Broad & Walnut.)

and in the Fairmount section:

Eastern State Penitentiary** (old prison tours--cool place)

Restaurants: London Grill ($$), Rembrandts, Jack's Firehouse ($$)

for funky clothes and trinket shopping & dining:

South Street, between 9th St and Front St.

great place for teenagers, college students and young adults

Jon's Restaurant ($) and Bridget Foys ($$) have patio dining

for knick-knack/whatnot shopping & dining

Main Street in Manayunk- great place for over 35-year olds

Manayunk Brewery and Bourbon St Cafe are my favorite places to eat in that neighborhood. Manayunk is easily accessible via the regional rail from Center City

for leisurely strolls and dining (Penn's Landing & Waterfront):

Chart House**, Moshulu, LaVeranda ($$), Keating's River Grill (located in Hyatt Hotel - great for brunch). Most of them have outdoor dining, too,

To travel cheaply:

Philly PHLASH $1 per ride

SEPTA $5 (all-day pass)

Enjoy Philly!

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