National Airborne Day 2021 is on Monday, August 16, 2021: Joining the Army National Guard.?


Monday, August 16, 2021 is National Airborne Day 2021.

Joining the Army National Guard.?

you wont be able to do ranger school in the national guard typically. out of airborne school you will go to a ranger batallion after RIP and when they think your ready you will be sent to ranger school. you will choose your mos at meps and if its not an infantry you will not go to ranger school. the national guard is just like active but we only work two days a week and 2 weeks in summer and we have every mos active has as opposed to reserves who aere strictly support ie no infantry.

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Air National Guard TAC-P?

Air National Guard TAC-P?

TACP's work with the Army, but not necessarily deploying for the same amount of time. 120-180 day deployments are the norm for ANG TACP's and this happens once every 2 years on average. Keep in mind, TACP's also are on the road a lot for other trips and exercises so plan on him to be gone 30-60 days a year just for things like this(training, Army Field exercises, Airborne/Air Assault school, CAS trips, etc). The main thing your husband needs to come to grasp with is the tech school for this career-field is not for the weak. Is your husband in great(not good) shape....meaning can he run 1.5 miles in under 10 minutes then do 10 pull-ups, 60 sit-ups/push-ups right afterwards(in one minute each)? Then after the PT test can he do another 2 hours of hard PT? Can he haul 95 lbs of gear on a 12 mile ruck march in under 4 hours? Can he spend 5 days in the field with one MRE a day while soaking wet and 3 hours of sleep a night and a 70# ruck on the whole time all while having land navigation tasks to perform and be evaluated on? Can he take mental stress and mind games from instructors while performing the above tasks? This is all stuff he will have to do at the tech school which has a 40% wash-out rate and is by no means your ordinary tech school for the Air Force. I am just being completely honest with you as many people have no clue what it is like and get sent home packing. What state are you guys in? There is a lot of opportunity being an ANG TACP as there are new squadrons poppng up all over the U.S. If he is in good shape and motivated, he will have a great run as a TACP. If he wants a cool job but is out of shape, he will get a reality check.

Email me and have your husband list out questions and I will answer them from a ANG TACP member standpoint.

How to get promoted from private to sgt in th national guard?

How to get promoted from private to sgt in th national guard?

Good Evening Dustin,

I hope you are had a great day. I don’t care how high you tested or how much education you have, rank in the Army/National Guard depends on three things. The biggest and most important is your MOS. The second depends on which company or outfit you are assigned to. And the third is nothing but LUCK.

Each outfit/unit/division is assigned a set number of positions to fill. The army calls these positions "Slots".

Example only: The 101st Airborne needs three (3) Radio Specialists at all times. Each Radio Specialist position is called a slot. Slot #1 is to be filled and may call for an E-3. Slot #2 is to be filled and may call for an E-4. And slot #3 is to be filled and may call for an E-7. I hope you are following me and understand this part.

Next Example: After six months, Little Private E-1 Dustin graduates from Radio Specialist School. Upon graduation Private Dustin is automatically promoted to E-2. He is assigned to the 101st Airborne. If there are no soldiers to fill higher slots as a Radio Specialist in the 101st Airborne, Private Dustin will move up fast as hell to fill those slots. THERE IS NO TIME LIMIT ON PROMOTIONS. There are articles which read you must stay in a certain slot for five (5) months, with EXCEPTIONS, before being promoted. “With EXCEPTIONS” means forget the book.

Private Dustin could go from E-2 to E-3 to E-4 to E-7 very very fast. Normally this does not happen, but it does happen MORE often than soldiers think in peace time….nepotism. It happens a lot in times of war. This is when the army cannot find enough men/women to fill the higher slots.

Usually a smart (in the know) E-3 soldier in another unit will find out about empty slots in the 101st Airborne, and he will ask for a transfer into the 101st Airborne. He will take that next slot, and E-2 Stephanie will sit there until E-3 is moved up to the next slot or messes up. Usually you cannot jump a slot over another soldier with rank and time. A lot of soldiers do mess up. Most of the time, time in service will bail them out. The average soldier knows nothing about how the army promotes. Army Recruiters are very aware. This is why they push men/women to enlist into a certain MOS where there are shortages within units.

Now Dustin, become aware of the unit you are assigned. This unit may only have one or two slots for your MOS. You would be in trouble promotion wise. Also, all MOS’s have a maximum as far as rank goes. Some MOS’s will only go as high as E7.

Example; A Cook usually makes rank very fast and can rise to E7. If I were you, I would check on the number of slots your unit has for your MOS. That will determine how fast you are promoted to sergeant E-5. Then you may want to CHANGE your MOS or unit for faster promotion. I hope I have written this good enough for you to understand.

I knew men (supply clerks) who were Spc/E4 after fourteen (14) years because of unavailable slots. My First Sergeant/E8 was in the army for only eight (8) years.

I was a Longshoremen (I.L.W.U.) before being drafted. My fellow union members told me all about how the army promotes before I was drafted. Dustin, you have to know and play the system, and there is nothing wrong with playing the system by the rules. I have armed you with the rules of the system. It is up to you to find and execute. I should know??

I made rank from Private E-1 to Sergeant E-5 in less than 16 months. Eight (8) months of that were in schools and training. Therefore, I went from E-1 to E-5 in eight (8) months after training. This is faster than any drafted soldier in the US Army. I was honorably discharged with full military honors and benefits after serving 19.7 months of military service.

You and your family have a beautiful week. Peace, from Los Angeles.

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