National Agriculture Day 2021 is on Thursday, March 25, 2021: What is National Farm-City Week?


Thursday, March 25, 2021 is National Agriculture Day 2021. OH THE PLACES YOU'LL GO … National Ag Day, March 19th,

What is National Farm-City Week?

Since 1955, the National Farm-City Council has supported educational programming to build interdependence between rural and urban citizens, and the President of the United Sates has annually proclaimed the week leading to and including Thanksgiving Day as National Farm-City Week.

In recent years, the major focus of the programs and materials has been on consumer and classroom education. Student activity sheets, teacher packets, placemats and bookmarks are just a few of the materials the Council has created to support its mission.

In the past year, thousands of materials were used in classrooms, at Farm-City banquets, at civic club meetings and in other venues. Farm-City activities are grassroots in nature. Communities across the nation hold Farm-City events ranging from banquets to tours to job exchanges. The National Farm City Council work closely with Agriculture in the Classroom programs in educating students and teachers about agriculture.

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Men - Do you know today is the International Women’s Day?

Men - Do you know today is the International Women's Day?

I am going to have my girlfriend plow some fields because its also National Agriculture Day. It is also.....

Name Tag Day

National Proof Reading Day

National Peanut Cluster Day

Organize Your Home Office Day

World Kidney Day

International Woman's Day is just as stupid as anything on this list.

Tomorrow is National Middle Name Pride Day, is everyone ready for the celebration?

March 20th is a Special day! Science extra credit homework question.?

March 20th is a Special day! Science extra credit homework question.?

I think you are looking for the USA National Agriculture Day (been March 20th since 1973)

details here

Also on this date Thursday, March 25, 2021...