Mother Earth Day 2018 is on Sunday, April 22, 2018: What IF it's Mother EARTH & Not God on Judgement Day?


Sunday, April 22, 2018 is Mother Earth Day 2018. Earth Day Has Always Been a Favorite earth-day Ever since I was in

What IF it’s Mother EARTH & Not God on Judgement Day?

What? Mother Earth is gonna punish me for bad things what I did in this nature? What happen to me? Would Mother Earth dig out of soil and put me down there. That's called I'm grounded.

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Any good Earth day songs?

Any good Earth day songs?

These are some songs by Toronto Mike

Not to Touch the Earth - The Doors

Peace on Earth - U2

Face of the Earth - Joel Plaskett Emergency

Earth Angel - The Starlighters

Mother Earth - Memphis Slim

Planet Earth - Duran Duran

Earthcrosser - Veruca Salt

Fire & Earth - Xclan

Here on Earth - Crash Test Dummies

Revolution Earth - B-52's

Earthquake Weather - Beck

In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3 - Coheed and Cambria

Earth / Monstrous Hummingbird - Rheostatics

Final Thoughts and the Last Day on Earth - David Usher

The Last Day on Earth - Marilyn Manson

Tales of a Scorched Earth - Smashing Pumpkins

Back on Earth - Ozzy Osbourne

Last Night on Earth - U2

Fallin' Off the Face of the Earth - Neil Young

Earth, Sky & C. - I Mother Earth

Earth Angel - Death Cab for Cutie

Planet Earth - Eskimo Joe

I Feel the Earth Move - Carole King

Children Play With Earth - Arrested Development

mothers day...just another day?

mothers day...just another day?

Mothers day is when we thank our mom for everything they've don't for us , even I we're not as close to them now. They brought us to this earth and thats what matters, even of your not as close to her now , you have to thank her for raising you and being the best mother she can be and tried her best to raise you . She made you the person you are today. So even if you don't see her much or talk to her , today is the day when its needed . Greet her ! :) sorry if some parts didn't make sense , I tried :)) you should also tell your child this . You deserve it , you deserve more today.

Also on this date Sunday, April 22, 2018...