Mother Day 2020 is on Saturday, March 14, 2020: mothers day , fathers day , birth day haram?


Saturday, March 14, 2020 is Mother Day 2020.

mothers day , fathers day , birth day haram?

Mothers day, fathers day, birthdays, valentines day, etc. is a means of the West exploiting us. We are told to give gifts to others by the Prophet (SAW), that is correct but we should appreciate each other all the time and not only on Kuffar occassions. We are also told by the Prophet (SAW) not to immitate teh Kuffaar.

I personally give gifts to people when somebody is sick or when somebody has done me a favour and refuses money in return, or at any time out of the blue....a gift given to a person like your spouse out of the blue is much better than a person expecting a gift from somebody on Mother's day for example and not getting one....a surprise gift, and having no expectation is better than expectation and not receiving.

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Should we celebrate mothers day?

Should we celebrate mothers day?

Honestly mothers day is just like any other day except its an occasion meant to be special on the calendar. If you really love your mum, treat her well everyday, be it a mothers day or not. I don't think she would want to celebrate the actual mothers day though. A simple meal together on that day would suffice.

mothers day...just another day?

mothers day...just another day?

Mothers day is when we thank our mom for everything they've don't for us , even I we're not as close to them now. They brought us to this earth and thats what matters, even of your not as close to her now , you have to thank her for raising you and being the best mother she can be and tried her best to raise you . She made you the person you are today. So even if you don't see her much or talk to her , today is the day when its needed . Greet her ! :) sorry if some parts didn't make sense , I tried :)) you should also tell your child this . You deserve it , you deserve more today.

Also on this date Saturday, March 14, 2020...