Moth-er Day 2020 is on Saturday, March 14, 2020: er Day - have you ever broken something because you were angry?


Saturday, March 14, 2020 is Moth-er Day 2020. A mother – Cardinal Mermillod Happy Mother's Day

Moth-er Day

In a world with so much natural beauty, there's one creature that is usually forgotten: the moth. While butterflies seem to obtain all the focus, insects are commonly worried, disliked or dismissed, but Moth-er Day was set up to alter all that.Moth-er Day is

a fantastic possibility to find out regarding moths and even get included with their preservation. It's a suitable research study possibility for children, who will certainly be fascinated to get more information concerning the life cycle of egg, caterpillar, chrysalis and insect.

Some means you could acquire included with Moth-er day are to spend time insect finding and attempting to identify and videotape the species you locate. Insects, like butterflies, have actually suffered from decreasing numbers and hard years in the past, so you could aid them by growing caterpillar friendly plants in your garden. For Moth-er Day, you can look into plants that caterpillars like and expand them on your own.

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have you ever broken something because you were angry?


it was a random punks face...

its a long story... but my gf at the time was raped by some piece of shit... and i was so angry that i went to a guys house that a few weeks earlier had accused me of stealing a car radio well i was skateboarding... the incident was so stupid... I was wearing a black bandana on my head and one over my mouth and skateboarding near my gfs house... I was 16 and this kid runs up and starts to get all aggressive with me and says i stole his sisters car radio... this is 3 am... and he starts to push me... i carefully kept my anger down and explained to him first of all I have never stolen anything... software and mp3s and movies offline dont count(sharing is caring) and how the hell would i hide a car radio in my pocket well skateboarding...

finally he gets really beligerent and i tell him he needs to go or it will end bad...

well that was that... so the next couple days i asked around who he was and where he a few weeks later My girl gets raped by this moth$er F$cking prison trash just got out... so i am so pissed i am ready to kill the rapist... and to try to calm myself down... I find the guy from a few weeks earlier... this time my face was uncovered so he didnt knwo what i looked like... knocked on his door waited for him to answer and said I am gonna hit you...i dont believe in sucker punches he hit me first and i broke his face hitting him over and over again... he never saw me again not my neighborhood... and i had a nice calm feeling after... went and dealt with the situation with my girl.... with peace.

How can people eat turtles?

How can people eat turtles?

I really, really hope this is a joke question.

The chocolate turtles aren't made with baby turtles. They're made with chocolate, caramel and pecans.

To Keep Warm?

To Keep Warm?

Excellent dude!

Also on this date Saturday, March 14, 2020...