Morel Mushroom Day 2020 is on Sunday, May 17, 2020: Morel mushroom hunting?!?!?


Sunday, May 17, 2020 is Morel Mushroom Day 2020. Laura: The Mystical Morel Mushroom mushroom cu After a few days

Morel mushroom hunting?!?!?

Again, I must say Glacierwolf sure knows his Morels. Very distinctive, and OMG good to eat. They can not be frozen or they get mushy. So got to get rid of the ASAP for them to be best.

I taught a farmer friend who allowed me to hunt his property about morels. One time the day I got there he said he found a mess of them. He went back to the house to get his three little toeheads to help him pick them all. He literally had bushels of them. First, I thought oh, no this is a disaster, and a terrible waste. Finally it came to me. We sent his wife to the corner market for 1 gallon baggies. Bagged them up in one pound bags, believe it or not that was almost a full gallon baggie to make a pound. Then we took them into the next town and sold them to the bars. Back then morels sold for $45.00/pound in the gourmet stores. He sold them for $20.00 a bag. He ended up with 45 POUNDS of morels. Made some cash for his farm. He had a large brush grinder set up and was grinding all kind of trees up on a hill top he had cleared. The machine was blowing trees particle out the top and the wind scattered them all over the hill top, and they grew EVERYWHERE. Those trees must have been full of spores. He didn't even pick most of them. Never seen anything of the like since.

Edit : I bet it was rather drunk out in town that night. OMG a cold beer and fresh fried morel, at every bar in that town, Morels for everyone, everywhere, I bet TEETOTALER Grandmas were waddling down the street to get Shrooms at the bar.

Re-edited, I hate this darn spell checker, it changes words and I can not shut it off.

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do morel mushrooms grow after they come up?

do morel mushrooms grow after they come up?

Morel mushrooms work off of the right ingrediants in the ground first of all, and the conditions. As soon as you get a lot of rain in your area, and the temp reaches about 70 immedietely afterwards, start looking. When the mushrooms come up, usually first sunlight, they continue to grow until the moisture below them is used to its full potential. If you see a mushroom popped up, the ground is really wet, and the forcast says sun for the next day or two, let it go and it will grow a good amount larger. Once picked, the mushroom will not grow in the exact spot that it did. If you carry your mushrooms in a old potatoe sack, or a special mushroom bag it allows the spores to fall off and reseed the area as you walk around looking for more. To answer your question, yes they will get bigger if the conditions are in their favor, and the animals dont get em before you get back!!

Drying Morel mushrooms?

Drying Morel mushrooms?

Wash them very thoroughly as they are very sandy, let dry and then place on newspaper line baking pans, heat your oven to 150 d F, place the trays in and allow them to heat dry for 2-3 hours, then prop open the door and allow them to cool overnight, then weigh and package, a few ounces go for $15-20.

I am a former chef and worked in B.C, Alberta, Ontario and Nova Scotia, we bought dried, ones in salt water brine, with the smaller ones you can pulverize them and sell them as Morel powder, we used this for sauces, in pasta doughs and fillings even in sweet dishes.

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