Milk Day 2020 is on Saturday, January 11, 2020: Should there be a Harvey Milk day?


Saturday, January 11, 2020 is Milk Day 2020.

Milk Day

It's generally believed that Milk Day was produced to celebrate the very first time milk was shipped in glass bottles. Just before this, conditions for milk delivery were fairly unclean however the new bottles enabled clean and safe storage.However, Milk Day soon increased to become a day devoted to every aspect of milk. Whether it's the health advantages of consuming it right through to the farming industry that creates it, your day may be used to celebrate the miracles of milk.Many schoolchildren are urged to get familiar with Milk Day to ensure that they begin the great practice of consuming milk from the youthful age. They may study concerning the other ways milk may be used to create different meals like cheese. Outings to some local dairy make the perfect spot to learn new details concerning the process and lots of farms frequently encourage educational visits about this day.

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Should there be a Harvey Milk day?

I believe they started having a Harvey Milk day in San Francisco. There was talk of it at least, but since I don't live in that particular city, I can't be sure.

I know in Cali we have Caesar Chavez day because of his accomplishments in fighting for protections for our migrant farm workers. So why not a Harvey Milk day? I think all heroes should be honored, in all honesty, and in this day and age our heroes don't generally come clad in leather armor with a battle axe and a sword. Then again, honoring those who fight selflessly and with honor *is* a major part of my faith and culture. ☺

How many ounces of milk per day is necessary for a 15 month old?

How many ounces of milk per day is necessary for a 15 month old?

Ideally 24oz of milk a day is recommended.

First you need to talk to your pediatrician about reasons for your child not being able to digest whole milk. It is also recommended that children under the age of 2 drink WHOLE milk. The fats in the milk are essential for their brain development.

And they do not need the IDEAL amount everyday. Some days your daughter might be able to drink 16 oz and then the next days she might have 32oz. Just don't let milk quota interfere with her need to get a variety of foods.

Also it is not the amount of milk they drink that it is important; it IS essential that they get the right amount of calcium (500mg) and enough liquids to prevent dehydration.

Good sources of calcium are cheese and yogurt, cottage cheese has the added boost of protein. Even baked beans and broccoli have calcium. There is also calcium fortified juices.

You can also sneak whole milk into any mushy foods ie. mashed potatoes, oatmeal etc.

5 glasses of milk a day?

5 glasses of milk a day?

Yes, milk is great for your recovery! I am recovering, too and I drank milk and ate cottage cheese and yogurt like crazy when gaining the first 30 pounds (I was 76 pounds at 5"4). You might want to try higher fat dairy, though. Fat is needed for recovery, too. It will help you to gain back balanced weight acually. If you resrict fats, you will store more fat in reality. I learned that the hard way.

Best of luck!!!

Also on this date Saturday, January 11, 2020...