Middle Child Day 2018 is on Sunday, August 12, 2018: the middle child?


Sunday, August 12, 2018 is Middle Child Day 2018. the inner musings of a chronic muser...: Middle Child Day “National Middle Child Day

the middle child?

Now that is strange. Usually I have seen (as a somewhat middle child....#4 of 11) that the first born and the baby get most of the attention. At least in smaller families. Doesn't matter what sex it is, boy or girl. How much age difference is there between you and them? There could be hundreds of reasons why you are "forgotten".How old are you now?Has everyone forgotten everything about you? Have you said anything to someone?I know you feel you shouldn't have to but I also know that at times I was just lost in the shuffle and had to yell"What about me?"Try that. Some time when your mom or dad is just sitting or you're in the car together ask them about what you think. Ask them the same question you have here. I do know that in double kid families,a boy and a girl, moms will be closer to the boy and dads are closer to the girls.Momma's little boy (even when he's 40) and daddy's little girl. But ask your parents the same question you have here. They might not realize what they're doing.

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My middle child is always in trouble. Why?

My middle child is always in trouble. Why?

The middle child always strives for attention. Even if it is negative because you are after all focusing directly on her. Sit her down explain she is not the only one in the world and ask her how it is that you can help her to feel special. Ask her if there is a certain chore she can do around the house each day to help out. Make one night a week where she helps out with dinner. Have her read to the younger child or help that child with homework. If you make her an active person in your life it will take away from the feeling that she has that no one loves her or cares that she is even alive. Because honestly that is how a middle child feels all alone in the world. I hope these ideas help a little. With the addition of the new baby our 4 year old felt very left out. We also have four other children in the house. They are all back on the even factor skill. Just explain no child is more important than the other and you love them all the same. Explain that you may have been unfair in the past but thing have changed. Do make it look like you understand and empathize with her. Treat her as a friend and a child. Tell her the chore she will be doing even if it is as simple as putting a load of laundry in the washer is goin to be one of the biggest helps in your week. Tell her it means the world to you that she is willing to help around the house. Also once a month take her somewhere just you and her and get a cup of tea or coffee ora latte or some ice cream it makes all the difference in the world. Wishing you lots of luck.

How can I make life easier for my middle child?

How can I make life easier for my middle child?

Middle children are constantly feeling upstaged by their older sibling Therefore don't compare your middle-child to their older sibling. It is easy to forget your middle child because sometimes they remain silent because they don't feel like anyone cares enough to listen. I think it is important to take the time to listen to them. Involve your middle child in family decision making and planning. Such as what are we having for dinner? Look directly at the middle child and ask her, if the other children answer take her suggestions. Middle children will also try to be very unique, either in a good or bad way. They try to differiniate themselves from their other sibilings so it helps to show interests in their uniqueness, point out why you think they are special. Try to make a playgroup for your middle child who would be her age group, help her find that special friend, make special mommy/daddy days where they get to leave the house and feel like all of the attention is on them.

The most important thing about a middle child is that they easily feel forgotten in the family dynamic. They will usually reach out to friends for love and support. This can become a very bad thing as they reach the teenage years because they will think their friends opinions are way more important then their families, they will become very secretive and they will position themselves as the black sheep. So as a parent it is important to try to develop that trust and love with them before the teenage years. Middle children typically feel underappreciated and abanoned.

Think back to your childhood and the feelings you had. What could your parents done to make you feel more involved and needed. What would make you special? I think it will take a lot of soul searching but I think being that you are a middle child maybe you can use your experiences. When the child gets older let her know that you were once a middle child and let her know how it made you feel. maybe the two of you can make a middle child club where only middle children are allowed.

Good Luck!

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