May Ray Day 2019 is on Sunday, May 19, 2019: My Blu-Ray player can play DVD but not Blu-Ray?


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May Ray Day

Weather enabling, May Ray Day is definitely an excuse to obtain outdoors and relish the sunshine. Find methods to take in some sun rays (presuming that it is not pouring down rain) by inviting buddies for BBQs, getting picnics around the block, or taking a visit to the ocean-side!

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My Blu-Ray player can play DVD but not Blu-Ray?

First of all have you ever updated your 3D Blu-Ray player's firmware before from the default that came along. IF NOT go to Panasonic's website and look firmware to your model of your Panasonic player. Sometime you need to do that in order to play certain movies, IF there are NO parts problems. When I first got Terminator 2: Judgment Day Skeynet Edition it would not load up to the menu screen and stay at the loading wait on my Pioneer BDP-51FD. So I looked online for info, and that got me to do my very first firmware update, and NOT leave it at the default firmware that came along. This was back in late May or early June of 2010. After I updated the firmware to 1.65 from the company's site. I had never update my Blu-Ray player's firmware since I got it in mid February of 2009.

I had this problem when the remake of True Grit was released back in June of 2011. I got it the second or third day. The first time I put it in my Pioneer BDP-51FD it would not play, after it finished saying closed and went to loading. It would stay at that to a certain point(I would guess it always the same amount of time), and then a message would show up on the HDTV screen and player's little screen saying "Can't Play This Disc" and Unknown Disc. Back then I didn't know what was going on, The first seven time I have try it in the player, it did not play at all, and the same thing happen. Altogether I try the disc in the player 22 times with in a week and three days. It only worked three different times in the player. Then my guess was that either the disc hates my player the player hates the disc or this disc of True Grit out of so many made has problems. I just return it to Costco in the end, but before doing that I did try the disc on my friend's PS3, and it work the first time in there. I also tryed it on my uncle's Sony Blu-Ray player, it also worked the first time in there.

Move forward to mid August 2011 certain Blu-Rays I got way before the release of True Grit(remake) had worked in the my Pioneer player with no problems. The first one I notice with that problem was Casino, I had got that back in early April of last year, and it had always worked. Ever since mid August more and more started not to play on the player, with the same problem as True Grit. What I have notice was when it would not play and with the same messages is that there is no fan like spinning sound, when it does disc loading. I have also sat in front of the Blu-Ray player, with the TV sound turn down to listen and notice no fan like spinning sound. When I first had this problem I had also found two forums with sections devoted to my player. One is a section at , with 992 pages, and at . As time went on the Blu-Rays that did not play on the Pioneer, that had worked before with no problems are The Magnificent Seven, Cop Out, Miami Vice, Public Enemies, Never Say Never Again(sometime works sometime don't), Spy Game, Apocalypse Now, Die Hard With A Vengeance(sometime works sometime don't), and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I Have not try all of my Blu-Rays in the player. Sometime new ones I get will not play the first time in the player like Taken, Pulp Fiction, Rounders, X-Men: First Class and The Guns Of Navarone. Sometime there are new one that will still play first time in the player, like Cowboy And Aliens. It just will it still play as time go by say two and half months later.

What the people on the two forums have said was either one of these is the problem

The laser lens is dirty (Use a Blu-ray laser lens cleaner to clen it the kind that come with a brush. IF it more stubborn, open up the player and use Q-tip to clean it.)

The laser lens is starting to die

The drive could be starting to die( one person said the drive for the model I have, have known problem)

They say it has nothing to do with the firmware update, which I did do since I updated mine from 1.65 to 1.71 when there was problems with playing True Grit and then to 1.72 when my older Blu-Rays started not to play that use to with no problem. And still the problem is still there for me.

One thing no one have said was how to tell is the laser lens just dirty and it not starting to die at all.

When I told my uncle about it, he told me it parts can't be dying at all. It must be like a record player when there a little piece of bread crum on it, it will not play the record in it right way. I have yet to buy a blu-ray laser lens cleaner and try that. I know all those disc will work in another player. Right now 100% no problems with the DVD and CD side of the Blu-Ray player.

The best thing for you is to ask a home theater expert or store a worker that sell this kind of stuff like at Best Buy and Magnolia Hi-Fi or those good mom and pop kinds. Also try the disc at friend and relative's player to see does it work. Last of all look for forums devoted to your player, and post questions

Can any one give me good websites and facts about WWII D-Day?

Can any one give me good websites and facts about WWII D-Day?

Well Baseball assassin seems to have you covered and he is of course an expert with an IQ ranging between 1000 and 500 depending on whether you are asking him about LA traffic or WW2.

Personally I never heard of Rangers parachuting in as pathfinders for the 101st, I think you may find that the veterans of the 101st and 82nd airborne may be offended by that, but hey, he`s the expert.

D-Day is a very broad canvas. Give an overall view of the day`s events but pick out a specific important action.

Suggestions would be.

The Rangers at Pointe du Hoc

The 101st and 82nd airborne Drops

or if you want to be different and pick out things that your fellow students won`t go with some of the British involvement.

The Merville Battery and the 9th Airborne.

The Ox and Bucks at Pegasus bridge.

During this Operation Stephen Ambrose is of the opinion that the most important shot of D-Day was fired.

Have fun but be warned!!! You might get hooked. I remember a 13 year old boy who got an assignment in class like this. 33 years later here I am still researching and helping others



Do blue ray DVDs bought in the USA work in Ireland?

Do blue ray DVDs bought in the USA work in Ireland?

Blu-ray Discs may be encoded with a region code, intended to restrict the area of the world in which they can be played, similar in principle to the DVD region codes, although the used geographical regions differ. Blu-ray Disc players sold in a certain region may only play discs encoded for that region. This is primarily used for market segmentation, or price discrimination, but it also allows motion picture studios to control the various aspects of a release (including content and release date) according to the region. Discs may also be produced without region coding, so they can be played on all devices. The countries of the major Blu-ray manufacturers (Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, etc.) are in the same region as the Americas. As of late 2008, almost 70% of all released discs were region-free.

Major studios have different region coding policies. Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios have released all of their titles region free. Sony Pictures and Warner Bros. have released most of their titles region free, but titles released by Warner's New Line division were, initially, region-coded but subsequently have been released without being locked. Titles released by other labels on behalf of New Line are still subject to some region locking. Lionsgate and Walt Disney Pictures have released a mix of titles that were region free and region coded. 20th Century Fox has released all but eleven of their titles region coded.

In the Blu-ray region coding system, the United States is placed in region A while regions B and C are used for countries which can experience localization delays before U.S. titles are officially released. The opposite, though, is sometimes true and a few new titles such as Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Running Scared were released in certain European countries before the U.S. release. In response to the DVD region system, multi-region and region-free DVD players became dominant in certain markets; certain Blu-ray player models have been modified to allow for playback of Blu-ray and DVD discs with any region code.

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