Make A Gift Day 2020 is on Thursday, December 3, 2020: Mothers day gift out of clay?


Thursday, December 3, 2020 is Make A Gift Day 2020.

Make A Gift Day

Dull handmade cards, vouchers and last-minute gifts aren’t probably the most exciting give receive for Christmas. Go one step further for any family member or friend, and participate in Make A Present Day manually-making something for somebody inside your existence. No matter if it is not perfect, or maybe it isn't costly – it’s the gesture that counts!

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Mothers day gift out of clay?

I'm a mother and I can tell you that we moms always appreciate any and all hand-crafted gifts that our children make for us.

I'm not sure what kind of clay you were planning to use, so what you make (and your mom's use of it) would definitely depend on the basic material. Also, since you'd probably need a kiln to fire your clay for a more "professional" type of gift -- and there's not a lot of time before Mother's Day begins tomorrow -- you might consider making a simple pinch pot or a coil pot. There are some good instructions on making pinch pots at and coil pots at and , as well as elsewhere online.

Once the clay is baked or air dried (depending on what kind of clay you're using), you can offer this gift to your mother with dried flowers and grasses, flower petals, cinnamon sticks or other items from nature for a nice-smelling potpourri, or she can use it to hold pencils and pens at her desk or kitchen spoons and other utensils in the kitchen (if the pot is tall and wide enough and is made of a non-toxic clay for these cooking utensils).

You could also make a clay animal or other figure (depending on what's a favorite to your mom or special to both of you). She can keep her rings and other jewelry (or house and car keys, etc.) on this sculpture at the kitchen or bathroom sink or in her bedroom or elsewhere so she'll have a safe spot to keep them when she's not wearing her jewelry or using her keys. This can be especially handy! To get some ideas of clay animals, there are good examples at and , and at other websites.

If you don't want to build an animal, angel or other figure from clay, you can always create a shallow dish using the pinch pot or coil pot method. Then your mother can store her keys and/or jewelry in this lovely and special dish that was handmade by you!

Another good gift would be a clay picture frame that holds a favorite photo of you or other loved ones. You could always write an original poem or just a special statement for your mom that is then placed in this frame. You could actually put your mom's favorite poem or quote in this frame, as well.

You can also create a pendant out of clay and make a hole somewhere on your piece with a pencil or stick and then, when the clay dries, put a pretty ribbon through the hole so your mom can wear your wearable art! This hole with ribbon technique would also be nice on a dish or tray to add a decorative touch!

There are some other good ideas online at quite a few websites including:

, and others. Just do a web search that includes the type of clay you'll be using + crafts (or a specific item) or similar words.

BTW, there's a good recipe for Cornstarch-Based Modeling Clay at and at where other good links and craft ideas can also be found.

If your clay can be fired and glazed, you'd have a whole bunch of additional items you could make -- from vases to flower pots to coffee mugs and bowls, etc. The ideas I've given above are probably the quickest clay gifts you could make without having a whole lot of pressure and stress in this limited time, and these items I've mentioned would probably hold up best since they don't come into contact with water. This could sometimes affect unglazed clay!

Whatever you make for your mother, be sure to inscribe your name and the date on your piece of art so she'll always be able to remember this Mother's Day in 2010 when you presented her with this cherished gift. This will always be something she'll treasure. Truly!

I hope these ideas are helpful -- or they at least spark your own imagination! You know your mom best (and what she'd like), so have fun creating! I'm sure she'll be happy with whatever gift she receives from you tomorrow! Enjoy your day together!


Valentine’s Day small gift ideas?

Valentine's Day small gift ideas?

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

1. Apple iPhone 3G 16GB (Black) Cell Phone – $299

iPhone combines three products – a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod with touch controls, and a breakthrough Internet communications device with desktop-class email, web browsing, maps, and searching – into one small and lightweight handheld device.

2. Men’s Stainless Steel Watches – $179.97

Treat your handsome Valentine to a classy and fashionable stainless steel men’s watch. Shop for brands like Citizen, Tag Heuer, Fossil and much more!

3. Men’s Leather Wallets – $94.95

Hide gift cards, money or photos of yourself in a sleek leather wallet, just for your Valentine! Wrap it up with a sentimental card to tell him how much you love him.

4. Digital Picture Frame $89.99

Create a memory slideshow for him with a digital picture frame! Pre-load pictures of yourself for your Valentine onto the frame’s memory, he will be so surprised!

5. Men’s Sweaters – $146

Whether he likes a classic argyle sweater, or longs for the lush feel of cashmere, he’s going to keep warm with whatever you choose! Shop for sweaters by famous brands like Hugo Boss, Diesel, Banana Republic and more.

6. Wine Gift Baskets – $59.99

Woo your Valentine guy with a collection of fine wines all perfectly presented in a lovely gift basket. Some baskets are paired with chocolate truffles, cheeses and other various treats.

7. Canon PowerShot SD990 IS 14.7-Megapixel Digital Camera – $565

When he’s ready to experience a higher level of pace-setting technology and image brilliance, the PowerShot SD990 IS Digital ELPH is ready for you. One glance at the sleek, sculptured profile, and he will know this is a camera driven by design and features. Style without compromise is the perfect complement to the ELPH model’s most advanced feature lineup – engineering leadership that opens your eyes and imagination to the real potential and boundless pleasures of photography.

8. Snacks, Fruits & Nuts Gift Baskets – $72.92

If your Valentine loves to snack, then this is the perfect gift! Treat him to delectable gourmet treats, a gift that anyone would love to receive!

9. Video Game Console – $329

Put him in the center of the game with a cool game console. Choose from Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, Sony Playstation, Nintendo DS and much more!

10. Men’s Luxurious Robes

Wrap him up in your love with a luxurious bathrobe! So elegant and clean, he’s going to feel like a million bucks in delicate cotton, warm fleece or a sexy silk robe.

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fathers day gift.? anyone ?

fathers day gift.? anyone ?

Add to any gift a list of the reasons why you appreciate him. Perhaps have it inscribed on a wall plague.

Please don't get a joke card. In my 20+ years of working with fathers, it has been rare that a joke card that makes fun of his abilities is really appreciated.

I wrote this to "Dear Abby" for Father's Day, March 19, 2005.


DEAR ABBY: Today is Father's Day, so why don't we try to do more for dear old Dad than give him the usual greeting card that promotes the idea that all dads are imbeciles, followed by a collect call to see what he thought of the card. (Father's Day is the day when the most collect calls are made.)

We should treat our fathers the way we treat our mothers on Mother's Day and show them we appreciate them for being there. Yes, you probably tell your father all the time that you love him, but the minds of men work differently. Anyone can say "I love you," but as men, knowing that we are appreciated for a job well done is what really gets us teary-eyed.

Something else you can do -- especially you sons out there (but daughters can do it, too) -- is to make sure Dad has been to the doctor for a checkup, including depression screening. This can go a long way toward making sure he's here on Father's Day next year.

I wasn't raised by my father, but by a stepfather. Although we did not see eye-to-eye on many things, I would not be the person I am today if it were not for him. This man, who spent years climbing on top of heavy construction equipment to prepare the ground for many of the homes, businesses, roads and highways of Southern California, now finds it difficult to get into a car. Although none of the houses or roads have his name on them, they are all testaments to his life and the lives of men like him.

So today, let's do something extra for Dad, without him pulling out his wallet to pay for it. -- George McCasland, Overland Park, Kansas


Remember, there's a lot of us fathers sitting in nursing homes whose children live too far away to visit. Contact an activities director about volunteering Sunday morning. Read a list out loud about why you appreciated your father.

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