Log Cabin Day 2021 is on Tuesday, June 29, 2021: about log cabins for my garden?


Tuesday, June 29, 2021 is Log Cabin Day 2021. Every Day Should Pop!: National Log Cabin Day It's National Log Cabin Day!

Log Cabin Day

Log Cabin Day urges us to pointer far from a world of computers, power lights, as well as interior plumbing system to welcome and experience a less complex existence.

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about log cabins for my garden?

We manufacture and sell log cabins in the UK. I would recommend a 44mm thick interlock log cabin. They are a lot warmer and more sturdy than anything in the 28mm log (even with insulation). Although they cost more it is definitely worth paying the extra.

I work out of a 44mm log cabin all the year round. In the winter I have a small electric heater on but the rest of the year it is fine. I have the heater on today because its not very nice here but the last few days I haven't needed it at all.

We have sold quite a lot of log cabins now to be used as an art or pottery studio all over the country and as far as I have been told by customers they are all very pleased with them. A good tip if you are using a potters wheel is to make sure you lay out some plastic on the floor and the nearest bits of wall to help with splashes.

It is possible to insulate the roof and floor of the log cabin if you prefer (the walls shouldn't need doing as they are so thick) but most people don't bother. Toughened glass is also plenty for the windows, double glazing doesn't add much in terms of warmth to a log cabin.

If you would like any more information and advice about log cabins then please contact me through our website - link below.

House/Cottage/log cabin/Flat to rent for a few day’s over New Year...?

House/Cottage/log cabin/Flat to rent for a few day's over New Year...?

I stayed here a year or so ago at the start of autumn:

it's a 400-year-old cottage in the most beautiful setting in Snowdonia, looking out over the sea. If it's available over the New Year, it'd be great for a real 'escape from the world' break.

Here's another suggestion (I was looking at it a couple of weeks ago, with the idea of getting away this summer) -- looks lovely, I think. It's in real Welsh Wales, where English is definitely a second language.

As you'll see if you go back to the main listings from this site, (link here: )there are hundreds of Welsh cottages here, and also separate listings for flats and cabins (though not log cabins; that's not really a Welsh thing). I'm sure you'll find something just right -- and you can check availability for the dates you want from the individual listings.

Hope that's a help.


How is Riley’s Log Cabin Farm for Fuji apple picking(u-pick apples)?

How is Riley's Log Cabin Farm for Fuji apple picking(u-pick apples)?

Riley's Log Cabin Farm is great - rustic and kid-friendly. It's a bit small, so you probably couldn't spend the whole day there. I'd call first anyway, because they don't list Fujis on their web site, and if they do grow them they may not be ripe yet.

In which case I'd recommend going to Los Rios Rancho (run by another branch of the Riley family). They have over 20 varieties, plus the most amazing view in SoCal, and all kind of fun activities for the kids (hayrides, hay maze. petting zoo).

They grow Fujis, though apparently they're not yet ready for picking (I'd call to clarify). If you get on their mailing list, they send out weekly email bulletins to tell customers what apples are ripe for picking.

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