Knife Day 2021 is on Tuesday, August 24, 2021: Can I carry a knife on me for self defense in California?


Tuesday, August 24, 2021 is Knife Day 2021. knife_spoon_fork_large.jpg knife_spoon_fork_large.jpg

Can I carry a knife on me for self defense in California?

Russell - In CA, the state law does allow carrying a knife, (details below), which has nothing to do with self defense. It is your right!

If you're looking for a fight, then it's not a good idea. Carrying a folding knife for every day, utility use was never a crime, in normal places.

I carry 2-3 on me, none of it is for self defense. I just like knives and they're the oldest TOOL for every day use. And I am not a butcher, or carpenter either.

In detail - California penal code 653k defines what's a legal pocket knife and switchblade.

California Penal Code 12020 covers street carry of knives.

In short, statewide there is NO length limit neither on folding knives, nor on the fixed blades. However, folding knives CAN be carried concealed, while fixed blades have to be carried in open.

Local towns and cities may have their law limiting the length. I know that San Francisco and Oakland have 3in blade length limit on the folders.

Sadly not all of the police officers know the law, or at least this section of penal code. I've never had a problem, but I've heard stories about cops giving trouble to folks carrying fixed blades on the belt.

Eventually it's gonna sort out, but it's a hassle.

So, you can carry folding knife of any length as long as it's not a ballisong(butterfly) or switchblade knife.

For fixed blades the banned type is dirk or a dagger. In simpler words, no double edged stuff.

you can also check out and for more on current knife related laws.

One problem is that the way the law defines dirk and dagger is way too vague and if one is willing it could be applied either to a pen or a screwdriver.

Again, check local laws. Your town may have a ban or limitation in the knives and you might get in trouble.

delive_rance - For one, laws are the same for the butchers and school teachers. A butcher has the need for his butcher knives at work, not on the street, and average guy have better reasons for carrying a folding knife in his pocket than the butcher his knives on the street.

Second - carrying a legal knife isn't considered as anything illegal by the law, at least in CA, unless explicitly prohibited. It is our civil right. If you are so narrow minded that a knife in your eyes is only a weapon, then it's your problem, however, not everyone is like you. FYI, majority of knife crime is committed with kitchen knives. Throw away yours.

And third - based on your reply, you clearly have very vague understanding of what basic KNIFE LAW is as of today. Self defense in either cased spelling, is much more complicated subject the you're depicting here. If you're attacked, self defense or not, is determined by case by case circumstances and not the price sticker on the weapon or its caliber or blade length.

Why don't you read this -

Dozens of people watched old woman suffocate to death. If just ONE of them had a pocket knife on him/her, she'd be saved.

I figure most of them were like you, thinking of knife as only means of violence.

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