Kindergarten Day 2018 is on Saturday, April 21, 2018: Full or half day kindergarten?


Saturday, April 21, 2018 is Kindergarten Day 2018.

Kindergarten Day

Kindergarten Day remembers birthday of Friedrich Froebe who had been born in 1782 and began the very first kindergarten in 1837, in Germany.Despite being popular in Germany, the Prussian government outlawed the colleges in 1851. Froebe died annually later also it wasn’t until 1860 the Prussians relented and permitted the colleges to carry on. 1873 saw the very first public kindergarten opened up within the U . s . States, in St Louis.

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Full or half day kindergarten?

I would prefer half day Kindergarten as well but that was never an option. Even pre-K is all day. The kids don't have lessons all day when they are in Kindergarten. The actual teaching that goes on is maybe 3-4 hours total. The rest is spent on recess, nap, and lunch. Since I am a SAHM, I don't need anybody to babysit my kids during the day so I can earn a pay check. But that's why most people prefer full day Kindergarten: They work during the day and often school is a much better place to be than with the babysitter or day care. It's definitely less expensive.

Kindergarten bulletin board: day/night? ideas? HELP!?

Kindergarten bulletin board: day/night? ideas? HELP!?

Oh! With Kindergarten they can make such neat mural!s I find that if I have a few "symoblic" shapes to go with the theme they take it from there with crayons, scissors, glue sticks and such. For example, we were doing community helpers and I had corresponding vehicles and the mural turned out awesome. They made roads, airports, parking lots, train tracks, oceans, houses, grocery stores, etc!

So on the idea of day and night...split the b.b. in half using yellow paper on one side and black/dark blue paper. Let the kids cut out or add magazine letters or other block letters to make the corresponding words (or write them!). Brainstorm with them what they could do with the night/day and then let them go! Only help when open minded if you haven't done this before. It's such a great cooperative project.

One b.b. idea I saw for night time was a bunch of "eyes" of different colors and shapes on black paper. Why not extend that and have peek a boo flaps...eyes on top and underneath the flap is a "night" animal that has similar eyes. They'll love it! This introduces the term nocturnal as well. You can do day time animals on the other side. Provide the animal cutouts and let them go and creating a habitat for them. May wish to read books about animals and their habitats prior to letting them go at it.

Good luck!

half or full day kindergarten?

half or full day kindergarten?

Most schools in most states will begin full day Kindergarten in the near future, if not already doing so. Ours went full day this year...and in our State I believe they all have to be full day by next year or the year after. There are pros and cons...the children are tired...but they do adjust...and since many are from working families, it's nice for them to be in the classroom all day vs. being in a half day child care program. This allows for consistency and with so much that the Kindergarten teachers have to cover now a days, it's a big help to the teachers.

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