International Youth Day 2018 is on Sunday, August 12, 2018: Your Opinion on Youth Day?


Sunday, August 12, 2018 is International Youth Day 2018.

International Youth Day

Youth Day presents an chance for each country to evaluate their purchase of and dedication to youth, in addition to general education (each of and also to youth). Go ahead and take chance to discover about local youth culture, activities and education, and also to get involved with the wellness of generation x of humanity.

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Your Opinion on Youth Day?

International Youth Day is a special day dedicated to the youths who holds the future in their hands.

It is a way of reminding the youth to aspire better in their endeavors; also a way to make youths feel special. Usually many youth oriented schemes and projects are launched on this day by governments of different countries, for example: youth empowerment programs, schemes, and a host of others.

Yes, current youths are focused towards their future. The youth of today knows best what the word competition means. Th present day youths are far more dedicated in their field of work for they know better the consequences of a complacent life. The strength of youths joining higher study courses and research studies are ever increasing as compared to 50 years in the past.

However, it is also sad to see many youths whiling away their precious time engaged in all sorts of distraction. There are more entertaining medium in current times than ever. Mobile phones, Video Games, I-Pods, Pads, Laptops, TVs, Internet, etc. With the introduction of mass media and mass communication via internet or news channels the world over, the youths of today are exposed to a vast array of alien culture within a short span of time, a thing unimaginable by our ancestors. There is no denying, therefore, that youths of today are also impacted negatively in a lot many ways.

What were they cheering at World Youth Day?

What were they cheering at World Youth Day?

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Not to be confused with International Youth Day or World Festival of Youth and Students.

World Youth Day 2000 in Rome

World Youth Day is a youth-oriented Catholic Church event. While the event itself celebrates the Catholic faith, the invitation to attend extends to all youth, regardless of religious convictions.[1] World Youth Day is not associated with International Youth Day or any of the international observance days.

World Youth Day (or in short 'WYD') was initiated by Blessed Pope John Paul II in 1985. It is celebrated diocesan level annually, and at a week-long international level every two to three years at different locations. The international level events attract hundreds of thousands of youth from almost every country on the planet. It is a major part of the upsurge in Catholic Youth Work in some countries over recent years; for example, the Director of Catholic Youth Services for England and Wales has said of the event that it would have far-reaching effects, not restricted to those who attended.[2]

The Patron Saint of World Youth Days is Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Since his beatification, Pope John Paul II, who started the event, has become its co-patron.

Exodus 20:8-11


What is World Youth Day about?

What is World Youth Day about?

World Youth Day (WYD) is the largest youth event in the world and will be held in Sydney from Tuesday 15 to Sunday 20 July 2008.

Organised by the Catholic Church, WYD brings together young people from around the globe to celebrate and learn about their faith on a more regular basis.

WYD08 will be the largest event Australia has ever hosted. It will attract over 125,000 international visitors - more than the 2000 Olympics.

WYD08 will mark the first visit of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI to Australia.

Through the WYD08 experience, young people from throughout the world will make a pilgrimage in faith, meet, and experience the love of God.

World Youth Day is an invitation from the Pope to the youth of the world to celebrate their faith around a particular theme. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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