International Sports Car Racing Day 2020 is on Sunday, March 15, 2020: NASCAR in this day and age?


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NASCAR in this day and age?

The age of the Allisons-Waltrip-Petty-Yarborough-Turner-Jarrett-Derringer are his tory.Today the majority of NASCAR drivers are GQ Glamor boys,now don't get me wrong they can drive but they were not brought up building their own cars,hauling their own cars and repairing their own.They have this thrust upon them.

I remember Bobby Allison building a "Grand National car" and testing it between races at Birmingham International Raceway to take it to an event the following week.No big fancy team just him,brother Eddie and a handful of local wrench turners.

Today a car doesn't go out of a shop unless it has been hooked to a dozen machines.

But the drivers were a different breed.Then drivers would sit and sign autographs after a race,not just 15 or 20 minutes but for a couple of hours.Today if you don't have a ticket or a number tough crap you don't get into the autograph session.(On of the reasons I am not a fan of 5 or 6 drivers today).

Today there are about 3 or 4 drivers that are throw backs to the 60's or 70's and I will pull for them,but as for the new drivers they need to drop the GQ and get a personnallity.

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Do american racetracks allow normal cars to participate ?

Do american racetracks allow normal cars to participate ?

Many tracks have different requirements.

many will have public track days where you are not required to have a race license. restrictions on the cars are still there though. in many cases you will need a helmet, roll cage, fire suppression system and emergency engine cutoff switch.

in other tracks you may also be required to have a racing suit, gloves and shoes (in man cases these are rented at the track)

other places though will require all the safety equipment as well as a racing license to show up and drive. this is mostly done for small competitive events. public track days are not competitive, in fact many tracks ban the use of lap timers and racing other drivers during public track days to keep things safe.

if you know of a racetrack close to where you will be staying call them up or email them about driving there. in many cases age can be a factor however from my own personal experience in canada, 18 is often enough to drive on a track.

is there any road racing courses open to the public in virgina or maryland?

is there any road racing courses open to the public in virgina or maryland?

I'm pretty sure all race tracks in the U.S. are not open to the general public on a daily basis. Insurance controls everything. Many events are organized where you can run your car on the tracks on given days. Check this out for more info.

Virginia International Raceway might be your best bet, but Summit Point is also a great track, and it's probably closer to you. NASA (National Auto Sport Association) and the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) hold HPDE's throughout the year, which is basically the same thing Trackdaze is doing for you.

Also on this date Sunday, March 15, 2020...