International Newspaper Carrier Day 2019 is on Thursday, October 10, 2019: Where should I apply for a job at 16?


Thursday, October 10, 2019 is International Newspaper Carrier Day 2019. September 4 Holidays Newspaper Carrier Day

Where should I apply for a job at 16?

Perhaps a shop?

It's so hard to find decent jobs without degrees these days.

Good luck mate, at least you're trying.

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what’s a good holiday tip for my building super?

what's a good holiday tip for my building super?

perfect article:

Holiday tipping: What people really give

“Most people know to leave a waitress a 15 percent to 20 percent gratuity,” says Michael Lynn, an associate professor of consumer behavior at Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration, who studies tipping. But, he adds, many people aren’t sure whether to give, to whom, or how much during the holidays.

We interviewed etiquette experts and surveyed online about 3,100 subscribers to to find out what they do. Many said they often don’t know whether to tip. Perhaps that’s why 42 percent told us that they refrained from giving any holiday gifts to their housekeepers, newspaper carriers, and 11 other commonly used service providers.

Nonetheless, three general principles emerged from our research that can help you show your appreciation without busting the budget.

Reward those who make a difference. Start by “looking at people whose work has had the greatest impact on you,” says Elizabeth Howell, a spokeswoman for the Emily Post Institute in Burlington, Vt., which provides etiquette advice. Among the most important are people who take care of your home and your family, particularly your children.

Indeed, child-care providers in our survey were among the most often tipped (by those who used such services). If you have in-home care, Howell says that the appropriate tip is one week’s pay or more plus a gift from the child. (If your kids are at a day-care center, she suggests $25 to $70 for each worker, plus a gift.)

Tipping anything less is a no-no. Hilka Klinkenberg, managing director of Etiquette International, a New York consulting company, says that while she knows that some families are struggling, “if you can take vacations and go out to dinner, you are under-bonusing.” If you can’t give as much as you’d like, she suggests that you add a note of thanks to whatever you do give.

Think about those whose services you use frequently. They may include a beautician, a barber, or the newspaper carrier. If you regularly pamper yourself at the spa or the salon, a representative of the National Cosmetology Association says that you should give double your usual tip. But, Howell says, “If you normally include a tip after the service, you don’t have to give extra money during the holidays.”

Include those who go out of their way. There are probably some people in your life who go above and beyond the call without ever being asked but aren’t usually tipped. Examples: the water-delivery person who always hefts the 5-gallon jug onto the cooler or the building superintendent who installs lightbulbs for you. “If someone goes out of their way to give you good service, why not reward them?” Howell says.

You don’t always have to give cash, and sometimes it’s forbidden. U.S. Postal Service workers are not supposed to accept cash, even though 32 percent of our respondents said they gave mail carriers cash or gifts that are typically worth around $20. You can show your appreciation--legally--by giving a noncash gift worth up to $20.

Respondents to our survey were even more likely to give holiday gifts to schoolteachers than to child-care providers. But Howell says that handing the teacher cash is “inappropriate.” You don’t want to look like you’re trying to buy good grades for your child, after all. Instead, join with other parents to give a class gift. Or give something small, such as a bookstore gift card. According to our readers, $10 is just fine.

can i take my green check conure on air travel?

can i take my green check conure on air travel?

InstructionsThings You'll Need:

Travel carrier

Travel cage

Travel kit and snacks for bird

Step 1Measure your bird and your cage. Make sure your bird fits in the regulation pet carrier, which must not measure more than 22 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches.

Step 2Determine your pet's comfort level in the cage. Is it calm? Squaking? Shacking? Be sure your bird is comfortable with handling. You may need to reach in the cage in case of emergency or delay. You will also be changing travel vehicles. The bird must be comfortable riding in a vehicle. You must be able to deal with situations that could come up.

Step 3Book your travel arrangements well in advance. Make sure your airline allows birds. Plan for the stops and connections well ahead of time.

Step 4Prepare your travel cage. This is different from the travel carrier in that it will be your bird's home away from home while on your trip. Use several layers of newspaper and bowls for food and water that won't tip over.

Step 5Obtain a health certificate from your veterinarian. Most airlines will require this.

Step 6Introduce the travel cage and carrier to your bird about a month before your trip. Let it play in the cage and carrier for about an hour per day.

Step 7Prepare your bird's travel bag. A backpack works great for carrying treats, toys, a first aid kit, paper towels, meals, peanut butter and a blanket to cover the cage to keep the bird quiet on the plane.

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