International Day of Nowruz 2020 is on Saturday, March 21, 2020: So Obama believes a video tape could change relations with the major sponser of Persian


Saturday, March 21, 2020 is International Day of Nowruz 2020.

So Obama believes a video tape could change relations with the major sponser of Persian

I'm starting to believe we have another Jimmy Carter on our hands. Hopefully Obama will wake up from his "Lets give Jew-and-West-hating-terrorists a chance" peace loving psyche and see things as they are. Until then - Arabs worldwide will continue laughing at America's futile attempts to grovel before the Iranian leaders.

A year or so ago the Iranian leader Ahmadinejad stated that Israel is nearing the end of its road and that the American empire is approaching its collapse. It's a shame Obama gives Ahmadinejad the pleasure of appearing to be right, seeing as in Arab culture, expressions of compromise and peace-seeking is normally a sign of weakness. An example would be Israel withdrawing from Gaza in 2005, taking the first step to promote peace, and the Palestinians taking it as "we forced Israel out, it's weak now" and thus increasing their rocket attacks on Israel.

Btw, Iran isn't so much a sponsor of Persian terrorism as Palestinian or generally anti-Israeli and anti-American terrorism, namely Hamas and Hezbollah.

Edit: I'm well aware of Iranians being Persian. What I was refering to above was that the vast majority of Iran's support to terrorism is by providing funds, arms and training to the Hamas and Hezbollah organizations, who are of Arab descent for the most part. It's them who would be celebrating the aforementioned things, rather than the Iranian population, most of whom hardly care about it.

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