International Dance Day 2019 is on Monday, April 29, 2019: What day is it for you?


Monday, April 29, 2019 is International Dance Day 2019.

International Dance Day

Founded in 1982, International Dance Day seeks to advertise the skill of dance all over the world. The founding body, the Worldwide Dance Committee from the Worldwide Theatre Institute chooses a unique personality every year to produce an International Dance Day Message to become shared all over the world. Dance is practised by both amateurs and professionals and it is loved in cinemas everywhere. Valentine's day is about a brief history of dance and also the recognition of their devote society.Dance is both an talent and an approach to communication in cultures all over the world, and it is practised by huge numbers of people. Celebrate this International Dance Day by researching a brief history of dance, or possibly even learning a brand new dance yourself or with several buddies! It’s an excellent excuse to enroll in individuals dance classes you’ve always dreamed.

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What day is it for you?

dance as funny as you want day..that's would be fun..

or..don't move a muscle day..hehe..have a International Monkey Day to you~...may international monkey be happy all around~

What to do at German International Day?

What to do at German International Day?

Typical German is the dance "Schuhplattler".

This typical German dance is performed only in the southern parts of Germany, in the alpine region of Bavaria but also in parts of Austria.

Performed in a 3/4 time, a series of jumps and hip movements are involved to the music.

Characteristically the dancers will rhythmically strike their thighs, knees and soles of the feet, and stamp with the feet. Nowadays the dance is usually performed out of tradition, maintaining the older customs, and as part of the activities of "Trachtenvereine" (that is, societies which maintain traditional dress, songs and culture of earlier days).

The traditional outfit for the Schuhplattler are the "Lederhosen", and they are a symbol of regional pride.

The Schuhplattler is the oldest surviving European dance.

Dance Work out DVD....?

Dance Work out DVD....?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE zumba (zumba is latin or international dance). There are 2 wonderful zumba CD collections I own.

One is just called "zumba fitness"----it has 5 types of workouts---

1. a 20-min express dance routine

2. a routine called "cardio party" ---- a 1hr cardio routine

3. a "sculpt & tone" dvd - the dvd set comes with toning sticks so you don't need equipment

4. a routine called "zumba live"---many gyms offer zumba classes, and so this dvd is a taping of a live zumba class with the creator of zumba Beto Perez ♥

5. 20 min express workout focusing on getting flat abs & 40 min step by step guide to learning all zumba moves

I own a second zumba dvd set too---this one is titled "zumba exhilerate"

It has the following 7 dvd's

1. zumba step-by-step guide to dance moves

2. zumba "activate" - an easier 45min cardio workout (shorter than the usual 60min workout that is typical of most zumba gym classes)

3. Zumba "ripped"----again, sculpting & toning---this dvd set also comes with toning sticks so you don't need any extra equipment

4. Zumba "exhilerate" - 60 mins of cardio

5. Zumba "rush" - 20 min of cardio

6. zumba "mix" - 60 mins of cardio focusing on international dance, not just latin dance

7. zumba "concert" --- very similar to "zumba live" in dvd set #1

I'm definately in love with zumba. I go to a real zumba class 3x per week, and am training to be an instructor in zumba, aqua zumba, and zumba toning. It's such an addicting----and easy to learn----workout. I would recommend it to ANYONE. Before zumba, I wasn't a "dancer", and I was a little klumsy. Zumba made dancing so much easier and fun, and my balance has improved 10x over. You really really should try it. I know they sell the DVD sets on (an online site where you can buy pretty much ANYTHING). Check it out. It's work it. I promise.

P.S. before zumba, I tried the "dancing with the stars" stuff...even "dancing with the stars latin dance". Like you, it was confusing, and i ended up more watching the dancers (I was confused, not lazy) than actually exercising. Zumba is so different. And with both dvd sets, u have a dvd that shows you the zumba moves step by step. Mastering dancing suddenly is so easy! ;)

Have a great day! =)

Also on this date Monday, April 29, 2019...