International Ask a Question Day 2020 is on Saturday, March 14, 2020: How have you celebrated international don't ask a question day?


Saturday, March 14, 2020 is International Ask a Question Day 2020. March It's INTERNATIONAL ASK A

International Ask a Question Day

What? How? Where? Why? HUH?!? All the questions you may think about could be freely elevated on Request an issue Day!Actually, now's your chance to request that burning question that’s been festering at nighttime recesses of the mind. Everyone knows there isn’t any such factor like a stupid question, so continue, come up with the craziest, craziest, most bizarre question you want to see clarified and fire away! Using the miracles of contemporary technology nowadays, surely someone available may have a solution for you personally. (Set up response is true is yet another story!)Request an issue Day provides for us the freedom to create different issues towards the limelight, as well as request after individuals little items of understanding we’ve been longing to achieve. So whether it’s an in-depth philosophical entreaty you’re searching to talk about, or are simply following the response to a little of random trivia – get asking!

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How have you celebrated international don’t ask a question day?

yea i have lol. but i think u celebrated it for 2 weeks straight. so i guess its more "International dont ask a question fortnight."

How do International Flight Attendants work?

How do International Flight Attendants work?

There is little difference between pilot and cabin crew schedules. Also you must ask whether you speak a foreign language fluently or not. If you do not it is highly unlikely you will be doing international flights for some time. Yes it is possible that on Christmas morning you might get called off reserve to go to Kuwait but forget about Paris in the springtime – that is years away.

Everything in the airline game is seniority in the USA and that lovely trip from LAX to Rome with a 2 day layover and then coming back goes very senior. Folks with years of service will be doing those flights. You will be going to Ithaca New York and have 12 hours in the hotel until you go out again on 3-4 legs and wind up in Cleveland for 18 hours.

But you wanted to know about your base. Well you will likely be in one of UALs junior bases (ORD, EWR etc.) and called for flights on their junior planes. Yes you will need to be in your base and while you could commute I would not recommend it from the start. First you don’t understand how it works and second it will be expensive.

On your reserve days you will need to be in base within a set time from the airport. So even though you do not fly (or don’t know when you will fly) you must be there on call. While you can do things (shopping etc.) you must be ready to go to the airport on a moment’s notice (have your uniform in the car along with a suitcase and leave the store while your husband takes you to the airport). Yes leave your groceries because you don’t have time to wait in line.

When you say, leave for a while, well it depends on where you are. Reserve status at a major airline can be up to 10 years (for a senior base) so don’t think you are going to be flying to Tokyo and back from SFO in a few months. That is unless you are a Japanese LODO.

Your roster (schedule) will come to you once a month and you will see what your days off are (actually you will request it but at your seniority it will make little difference). You will work nearly all holidays and weekends. Your days off will probably be the days your husband and kids are in school. You will not get vacation during the summer for many years and most likely get 2-3 weeks in February or October.

You roster will show you your days on which will probably be 4-5 followed by 1-3 days off. Then you will have another group of days on and so forth. You will be guaranteed a number of days off a month and even those the company can change (except for your involute days).

Life as a reserve is no life. In fact if you commute forget it; however, if you live in your base then it may not be all that bad. While you are on duty you will mostly NOT FLY and be at home. After a while you will get an idea of when you will fly and sometimes you get really nice trips.

Your family will plan holidays at other times and you will forget about going to your parents for Xmas or Thanksgiving Dinner for if you are not already gone you will get a call somewhere between the toast and main course (but you can’t drink because you are on call).

Your reserve day will consist of a time period. You may be on call from 12 midnight to 12 noon or 6 AM to 6 PM. There are tri-schedules too where you’re on duty time is 8 hours 12 midnight to 8 AM or 2PM to 10 PM. Those are the hours they can call you for a flight but be assured schedulers know all the tricks. They can call you at 2AM (your on duty time) and let you know you have a flight at 10PM that evening (your next on duty time).

That gives you an idea but forget about commuting and move while on reserve.

international day!!?

international day!!?

another girl asked this same question about India earlier. This is what i said:

Go research your homework yourself, it'll be more meaningful if you win.

Also on this date Saturday, March 14, 2020...