IBM PC Day 2018 is on Sunday, August 12, 2018: what is IBM?


Sunday, August 12, 2018 is IBM PC Day 2018. Celebrating IBM PC Day The original IBM PC.

what is IBM?

The Acronym IBM stands for International Business Machines, Incorporated. IBM has been at the forefront of the technological wave from day one, creating some of the first computers, and even electrical components for typewriters and cash registers.

In the early days of computer creation, there was a huge legal battle looming over the many kinds of computers available. IBM, Franklin ACE and Apple were going to court because of the huge influx of computers who used the same operating system. As green boards (now called Mother Boards) were all PRINTED circuits, the computer manufacturers all felt that the "printed" copyrights would cover their intellectual property.

Then, IBM got the idea to make their operating system available to anyone who wanted it without recourse. Any company who wanted to could use the IBM basic operation system. IBM by this one move, created the entire IBM compatible computer system we see in place today. APPLE, on the other hand, did not. IBM computers grew at an increasing rate and Apple computers nearly went bankrupt.

Today, the term IBM computer is meant to be a computer running the original hardwire system created by IBM Inc. also knows as PC's.

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How is a Mac better than a PC?

How is a Mac better than a PC?

"PC", when used to talk about computers, comes from IBM PC, so that guy who insists that a Mac is a "PC" has a clue deficit.

It amazes me how many people try bash Macs when their own words make it painfully clear that they have no clue what they are talking about. If Macs where so obviously inferior and not worth the price tag, no one would buy them.

These a are few of my favorite Mac myths:

1) Macs are more expensive than PC's

a) Macs have a USEFUL life about twice that of PC's. A Mac user will be replacing his computer half as often. Have you ever tried selling a 6 year old PC? Macs are cheaper than PC's.

b) In my PC using days, I would plan on buying hardware after bringing home a new computer. Not when I get a new Mac. This too, is part of the cost of using a PC.

2) Everyone uses Windows.

a) Really? Why are we having this conversation?

b) Hula Hoops, pet rocks, Tomagachi, etc were all popular at one time. "Popular" is no computer standard.

3) Windows is better at games than Macs.

a) And a game console is better at games than Windows.

4) Not enough software/hardware for the Mac.

a) With the exception of games (read #3), there is no class of software available for Windows not available for the Mac.

b) Volume? There is a larger selection for Windows than for the Mac, but walk down the aisle and see how much is crap and/or outdated (and discounted) software.

c) Hardware selection for the Mac is lesser in number, but not as it is for software. Most companies are willing to take the time and expense of coding Mac drivers. Based on my experience, it is the crap hardware that usually does not have Mac drivers. This is because the manufacturer knows Mac users don't buy crap hardware.

6) Macs are gay!

a) Is this supposed to be an intelligent argument?

7) Software written for Windows will not run on a Mac.

a) Software written for the Mac will not run in Windows. What's the point here?

8) Windows 7 will be better than Vista.

a) Remember Windows ME? Windows 7 is likely to be better than Vista. This is not the same as "better than Mac OS".

9) Macs are for multimedia.

a) And web browsing, video/photo/audio editing, word processing, blogging, email, home work, writing, research, and ... you get the picture.

10) Macs are for idiots.

a) Tom Hanks, Stephen Speilberg, Buss Aldin, Martha Stewart, the late Boris Yelsin, Malcom Forbes Jr, Richard Dawkins, Tom Clancy, Scott Adams, Trent Reznor, The Rolling Stones, Bono, Conan O'Brien, Jerry Seinfeld, Rush Limbaugh, Mel Gibson, Clint Eastwood, and Tim Allen, must all be idiots.

11) You can't upgrade a Mac.

a) You can upgrade a Mac. Thing is, why would you? It comes fully loaded.

12) Macs are not "compatible".

a) Windows cannot read a Mac formatted disc or access a Macintosh network but the reverse is true. Which is more compatible?

13) Macs and PC's both use Intel processors so they are essentially the same.

a) Using this logic, a Yugo and a BMW are essentially the same.

14) Macs don't have a right-click mouse.

a) This is old, wrong, and irrelevant.

15) Macs are hard to repair.

a) FIx 99% of what may go wrong with a Mac:

16) Someone recently argued that he likes Vista because "the virus protection on it is wonderful".

a) That's like saying you don't mind living in East LA because you have good health insurance and a comfortable Kevlar vest.

Is it preferred to buy an assembled pc?

Is it preferred to buy an assembled pc?

I'll prefer branded pc coz they give a lot with their packages and warranties but in assembled pc you dont have a after sale service now days branded and non branded pcs are in almost same price tag.

Also on this date Sunday, August 12, 2018...