Guardian Angels Day 2018 is on Tuesday, October 2, 2018: Guardian Angels?


Tuesday, October 2, 2018 is Guardian Angels Day 2018. Feast Day: Feast of the Guardian Angels : By Hand, With Heart of the Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels?

Guardian angels are not a bible teaching.

If they were and we all had one, they would be visible by more than just your annoying little brother. x x x

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Guardian Angel?

Guardian Angel?

Hello Jade, i have seen and felt my guardian angel.

Lots of bad things happened to me in my past. I was like you, at desperation point. I had no-one to turn to and felt so alone.

I went to a shop one day with a friend and found some Angel Cards. As i started using them i became more and more in touch with the Angels. They introduced me to mother nature and Crystals. Through the Angels i learnt how to meditate and heal myself.

You cant expect a miracle my darling, you wont just wake up one day and all your troubles are gone. You have to want to help yourself. The angels will guide you in the right direction if you really listen to them. You are the one that makes the choice of which path you take. Your Angels are unable to interfere with your life path.

It took me a few years to heal myself, i still am and i will be doing it for the rest of my life. But i now know that you have to find yourself, know yourself and love yourself before you can have peace in your heart and soul.

I have been on that journey and the moretime goes on and the more i find out, the better my life is.

You have to heal yourself my darling, and your guardian angel is always with you, waiting to guide you.

Ask for Archangel Michael to be with you, he can give you strength and help you face the truth. Also ask for Archangel Raphael to help you heal your worn out emotions.

Light a candle and sit quietly. In your head, gather all of your negative thoughts together. Imagine putting them into a box and you shut the lid and padlock it. In front of you stands Archangels Michael and Raphael, one on each side of the box they carry it off up into the sky. As they fly into the distance say to them 'Michael, Raphael, please take all my troubles away and deal with them for me.' Always say thankyou for their help. Leave your candle burning til it burns out. Then thank your angels again. Do this on a regular basis and see how uplifted you feel, just by talking with them in this way.

I have lots of things that i do for healing, give me an email if you want some more advice.

I wish you lots of peace and happiness.



Do you believe that guardian angel is protecting you every day?

Do you believe that guardian angel is protecting you every day?

Only if you're a true child of God and have committed your life to live for Him through His Son Jesus Christ and are born of the Holy Spirit. Why else would God send His Angels down to protect you. You must be His child. You must be a joint heir with Jesus Christ in the coming Kingdom of God. If you're not His, If you have not fully and sincerely repented of your sins and accepted Jesus Christ into your life and completely changed the way you live by living your life for God through Jesus, why would you think you need an Angel to guard over you. The Father takes care of His own. The Dark forces which encompass this world have little need to spiritually attack you if you are no threat to them. God's children are the ones in need of protection from the evil one. The spiritual battle has only begun once you've become a true child of God. God's Angels are needed to combat the attacks aimed at them in the physical realm or the spiritual realm. The forces against them become much stronger much and more difficult to defend on their own. So you see, if you're not a true child of God, and God doesn't have an urgent need of importance concerning your very soul that He must warn you about, then what you believe to be true is a only a fallicy. Angels are Spirit Beings created as Spirit Beings not from souls of mortal beings. Angels do not come from the grave where your ancestor's soul still rests. All souls even from ages past still rest there untill the second Coming of Christ. Not until then will they be raised. So believe me when I tell you this my friend. I know. Please think about that.

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