Dollars Against Diabetes Day 2019 is on Friday, June 14, 2019: Is there a good argument, backed by facts or statistics against marijuana's legalization?


Friday, June 14, 2019 is Dollars Against Diabetes Day 2019. DAD'S DAY /"DOLLARS AGAINST DIABETES" Shows IBEW's Heart "Spare a dollar for diabetes

Is there a good argument, backed by facts or statistics against marijuana’s legalization?

I smoked pot every day. It was bad, and I had to quit because I had a problem. I'm not against pot, but I'm against people using stupid as s reasons to legalize it, like some of my old burnout friends from high school... they all got med cards, we're from Michigan, I got one too, which is a huge joke... YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO SEE A DOCTOR... I filled out a form, checked a box that said I had "back pain" and 3 days later the pot shop called me and gave me my paper work and I was legal... Makes me really pissed because all I had to do was lie to a doctor, pay 200$ and I could've avoided being arrested for it.

But my friends are so stupid, I don't care what BS rumors you hear online, smoking anything is bad for you. But my friends will be like "ya dude, it cures cancer" just because they read it on a stoner forum.

Alcohol is a sorry excuse to legalize pot. They are two different substances. So is cigarettes... it doesn't matter if it's "healthier" it's still not healthy. Everyone is like "pot is healthier than alcohol"... well isn't sugar the leading cause of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and death in this country? I don't see people lining up to criminalize that... And actually, DRIVING TIRED kills more people annually than drunk drivers.

I'm all for legalizing it, but for the right reasons. Opiates prescribed by your doctor are better at pain management all day than pot. Recreational use of pot is fine, medical reasons to smoke pot are bullshi t. For every 1 person who seriously needs pot for a medical condition, I'll name 50 in Michigan that got a med card just so they could smoke legally. It's a total abuse of the system. And what other medicine do you have to pay annually to get a license for?

I love a bowl just as much as the next guy, but most people who argue for it argue with false rumors... like pot fights cancer, never mind all that lighter fluid and paper you inhale when you smoke bowls, joints and blunts... and smoking out of a dirty pipe and smoking resin is absolutely horrible for your health.

Honestly, after a year on probation for under a gram of pot, and being called an addict and having so many "medical professionals" and court employees tell me I have problems, I'd be pissed if they legalized it. But that's just my personal bias. I have to live with the stigma of getting arrested, my friends won't hang out with someone who's been arrested, but they'll go out and do what got me arrested, and they're stupid enough to not learn from my mistakes... like my friend who "don't give a fuc k" when he drives with bloodshot eyes... police are craftier than you think, and being a smartas s and thinking you have rights will only get you in trouble, best just to avoid the situation.

Also, many people don't understand that driving with ANY traceable amounts of THC in your system is DUI... and in Michigan, judges who hate med cards will sign warrants to draw your blood if you are ever stopped and a cop finds out you have a med card. You are in a government database, you get stopped for 6 over, they find out you have a med card, the judge signs the warrant and you get slapped with $5000 in "Drugged" Driving fees...

It will stay illegal because it makes the courts and governments HUGE amounts of money. Marijuana is the reason drug testing companies are MULTI BILLION DOLLAR companies. If it wasn't for pot testing, drug testing agencies like JAMS and ADAM wouldn't exist. All other drugs are almost impossible to detect unless tested for within 3 days... pot can stay in your system, depending on use, weight, and activeness, anywhere from 2 days to a month.... It's huge business. The court system would crumble without minor pot offenders...

My mother is being discriminated against by a judge?

My mother is being discriminated against by a judge?

she should see the woman judge if shes the only one thats been fair

i recently went to see a dietitian about a diet for type 2 diabetes

i recently went to see a dietitian about a diet for type 2 diabetes. i talked to her for no more then a hour.?

Weight reduction with diet:--

* Avoid single high concentrated meals.

* Small frequent meals.

* Food high in fibre content like vegetables, whole pulses, fruits, etc.

Ideal combination of diabetic diet should be:--

Carbohydrates: 55-60%.

Fat: 30%.

Proteins: 15-20% (0.8g /kg /body wt).

Fibres 40 g/day.


Do not eat at all:--

Sugar, jam, syrups, honey, sweets, chocolates, fruit juices, ice creams, cold drinks, glucose drinks, cakes and pastries, sweet biscuits, puddings and protein powder with sugar.

Eat in moderation:--

Bread, chapatis (made from wheat flour), oat porridge, cornflakes (No sugar), Cheese, butter, Noodles or spaghetti, macroni, Thick soups, Milk & milk products, Chicken, lean meat, fish.

Take unrestricted:--

* Salads (cucumber, tomato, onion, raddish, salad leaves).

* Vegetables (cabbage, baigan, lady fingers, french beans, methi, palak).

* Fruits (except banana, chockoo or mangoes).

* Sprouted beans and pulses.

* Marie biscuit (with less sugar).

* Clear soups, Lemon juice, Buttermilk

Adopt DASH diet (Mediterranean diet). Eat a low-cholesterol, low-fat diet, which includes cottage cheese, fat-free milk, fish, vegetables, poultry, and egg whites. Use monounsaturated oils such as olive, peanut, and canola oils or polyunsaturated oils such as corn, safflower, soy, sunflower, cottonseed, and soybean oils. Avoid foods with excess fat in them such as meat (especially liver and fatty meat), egg yolks, whole milk, cream, butter, shortening, pastries, cakes, cookies, gravy, peanut butter, chocolate, olives, potato chips, coconut, cheese (other than cottage cheese), coconut oil, palm oil, and fried foods.

Periodical medical check-up for diabetic patients:--

A: HbA1c. HbA1c is a lab test that shows the average level of blood sugar (glucose) over the previous 3 months. It shows

how well you are controlling your diabetes.

B: Control your high Blood pressure, if any. Normal blood pressure- <120/80 mmHg.

C: Control your blood Cholesterol: Normal cholesterol < 200 mg/dL. LDL <100 mg/dL HDL > 40 mg/dL Triglyceride < 150 mg/dL.

D: Diabetic education. Dental check-up should be done in every six months.

E: Eye examination for glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and cataract.

F: Foot examination

G: Glucose monitoring. Fasting or postprandial blood sugar may be checked daily and avoid foods that elevates blood sugar.

H: Health maintenance immunization against influenza and pneumococcal pneumonia.

I: Indications for specialty care. Heart, kidney, eye should be checked periodically by concerned specialists.

* Overall, the risk for death among people with diabetes is about twice that of people of similar age without diabetes.

* Adults with diabetes have heart disease death rates about 2 to 4 times higher than adults without diabetes.

* The risk for stroke is 2 to 4 times higher among people with diabetes.

I have no remarks with regard to the dispute with your dietitian. You should put it in record that the service of the dietitian is unsatisfactory.

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