Ditch New Year's Resolutions Day 2021 is on Sunday, January 17, 2021: Some filling, healthy meals for a 12 yr old girl?


Sunday, January 17, 2021 is Ditch New Year's Resolutions Day 2021.

Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day

If you’ve held out for more than a week into 2012, you’re succeeding! However, we’ve arrived at the crunch point The month of january 17th is easily the most common date to provide on your resolutions, it’s marked by Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day.Are you able to keep your convictions well into 2012, or perhaps is it simpler to slide back to old habits?

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Some filling, healthy meals for a 12 yr old girl?

if you do a lot of cardio such as running,hiking,swimming,jogging, jump a rope. those can help you lose tremendous weight. if you ditch the sugary drinks and only stick to water and 100% juice then this will help you a lot. if can do swimming then it will help you lose weight all over just like running. if you push yourself to work out for 3 hours a day then you will lose the weigh. heres a work out plan.


stretch and go running (for 30minutes)

after the 30 minutes stretch some more.

do 40 lunges on each leg. and your 01 hour is done.


stretch and go running (30 minutes)

after 30 minutes stretch some more.

do 40 push up and your 01 hour is done.


stretch and go running (30 minutes)

after 30 minutes stretch some more.

do 40 crunches and your 01 hour is done.

doing all of that will be 03 hours. the more hours you do the more weight that you can use.

motivate yourself, make goals.

eat lots of veggies and protein to give you energy. drink lots of water and juice. when you wake up drink a full glass of water to help your body get rid of the toxins and help your blood flow and your body digest.

eat oats whole grains. eating apples has a lot of fiber.

skip the junk food. but if you crave have a little so you wont binge.

if you do this now by summer you will have a hot bod to show off.. so just concentrate and work out

=) hope this helps. good luck

for 12 your a good weight size because your growing and when you get to your teen years your body will need that weight to help you produce breast, curves and ect. in my opinion you do not need to lose any weight because your body is going to use it so it can help you develop. and losing the weight may cause issues for your body when you lose the weight. my friend when she was 13 was about your weight and lost a lot of weight and she did not get her breast until 19 and her hair was not as shiny and she skin was not glowing as before so she talked to her doctor and the doctor told her that she is a growing girl and she needs the nutrients in her body.since she lost a lot of weight and kept it the same, it took a long time for her body to develop fully. this is only my opinion

The Hills on MTV?

The Hills on MTV?

You ready...Here goes....

After Heidi ditched Lauren to go to Santa Barba with Spencer, she ditches her again and goes the movies with Spencer, so Lauren called new BFF Audrina and they went out with some guys Audrina met. Lauren initially said no because she was gonna hang with Heidi, but called back after Heidi left her a note on the table.

Lauren tells Audrina that she invited her old friends from Laguna including Lo for her b-day. Audrina asks Lauren if Lo is "anything like Jen,"and Lauren gets a funny look on her face. Then, Lauren reveals that's one of the reasons she and Lo got in a big fight and didn't talk over the past couple years "was because of Jen." Lauren then tells Audrina that she expects Heidi will be with Spencer all New Years Eve and that he was banned from the limo the girls are taking.

Lauren and Audrina are watching darling Whitney play baseball. Afterwards, Whitney sits down to talk to the girls about New Years Eve. Whitney reveals that last year was her "sluttiest New Years ever" because she kissed like three guys in one night. Lauren then tells the girls she was irked when she asked Heidi about New Years and her response was, "I don't know, what are you doing?"

Heidi and Spencer discuss their plans for the evening and she tells him that their going to dinner alone and then meet up with the rest of the gang at Area. When Spencer finds out Lauren will be there, he tells Heidi adamantly, "I am DONE hanging out with Lauren!" Surprisingly, Heidi tells Spencer that she is really looking forward to hanging out with Lauren on New Years, and that she wants to be with her two favorite people, Lauren and her poopie boyfriend!

In the middle of all this, Audrina and Heidi (that's right) managed to fool Lauren with a surprise 21st b-day party. Lauren was mad at Heidi for leaving to go see Spencer but it was all just to get her there. Though, at the actual party, Spencer gives his lame speech about how him and Lauren don't get along, but because of Heidi they get along. Such garbage.......Either way

Next, Heidi and Spencer are talking in a clothing store, Spencer tells Heidi he has some big news. He asks her what would she think if he moved out of his condo and got a house for himself and "Princess Heidi?" Yuc and a double puhlease.....

Heidi looks terrified at the thought of moving in with that a**hole Spencer, but tells him, "Obviously, I would love to move in with you, but I made a commitment to live with her (Lauren) and I'm trying to work things out, I feel like that would just make things worse." Upon hearing this from Heidi, Spencer is not pleased and tells Heidi that her answer was really annoying and that it doesn't help their relationship. Then Spencer does the unthinkable and tells her that she and Lauren aren't best friends anymore and that Lauren spends all her time with Audrina. What a d*ck.

At the Salon, Lauren is getting her hair done all pretty and Heidi and Audrina are also there. Everyone is going over the New Years plans. Lauren announces that she is bringing some guy from Colorado that she met a couple nights before as her date. She also said that he is not her usual type. What? At least he's sober 99% of the time.

Anyway, Heidi then asks what Lauren's New Year's resolution is and Lauren tells her that she and Audrina are going to take kickboxing. Upon hearing this, Heidi looks at herself in the mirror, probably thinking how Spencer was so right about her and Lauren not being "best friends" anymore. Editing is such a GREAT tool!

Then Lauren starts laying it on a bit thick, flirting with Audrina in front of Heidi about how the two of them are going to have "twin hair" for the night and order pizza and drink champagne. Heidi can take no more of this and splits, telling the girls she will see them later that night at club Area.

That night, Heidi and Spencer go to dinner. Spencer tells Heidi that he wishes they could both just go home after dinner for a little..Whatever, I don't wanna know the rest.

Heidi agrees with him and Spencer goes, "Oh, why can't we? Oh that's right, because you have another boyfriend named Lauren Conrad that we have to meet at da club!" Heidi is now gritting her teeth and is not amused with Spencer's comments about Lauren and when he asks her if she has "given any thought to his offer?" Heidi tells Spencer she would like to live with him sometime in the next couple years, but moving out right now would compromise her friendship with Lauren. Oh, sure.

Spencer at this point frustratingly asks Heidi, "why can't Lauren just live with someone like Audrina?!"

Back at Hillside Villas, where Lo asks Lauren where Heidi is and Lauren tells her she is with Spencer. Lo then tells the girls how much she loves Heidi and how sweet she thinks she is, but adds that she heard "Spencer was an a**!*" She got that right.

Over at Area, the girls arrive and as Spencer and Heidi pull up he is begging her again to not go in. Lauren is chatting with her CO boy. Spencer and Heidi walk and Lauren points out evil Spencer to Lo. Later, when Heidi and Lo are talking, Heidi asks her, "my boyfriends cute, right?" Lo, tell's her, "he's totally cute!" She lies well doesn't she?

Unbeknownst to Lauren, Heidi tells Lo that Spencer wants her to move in with him. The two girls converse about what a serious move that would be. Next thing you know, the clock strikes twelve and Lauren is kissing Colorado boy and as everyone is twirling sparklers, Heidi's looking at her friends enjoying their New Years without her.

Then, when everyone walks out of the club at the end of the night, Lauren, CO boy, Lo and Audrina all take off without saying goodbye to Heidi. Of Course, Spencer points this out to Heidi immediately and tells her how horrible her friends are.

Heidi whines about how her New Years sucked because she wanted to spend it with Lauren, but Lauren basically blew her off and barely acted like she was there. Good for U Lauren! Then, in a classic move, when Heidi tells her co-worker how Spencer said "everyday I love you more," she (co-worker) looks at the camera and rolls her eyes. Dingbat Heidi then says "shes never been in love like this before. Gag.

Whitney and Lauren go out for coffee and Whitney asks Lauren how her New Years was. Lauren tells her about Co boy and how she was happy that she could use him up for a New Year's kiss, but part of his appeal is that he can now "go away" because he lives out of town. He an upgrade from Jaywall, with love em then leave em type mentality. Then the girls talk about Heidi and how they are both shocked she and Spencer are still together.

Heidi and Spencer are now out to dinner together. Spencer starts to lay on the emotional abuse on Heidi about how much baggage she has because of her friends. He then tells her that he thinks it's "really rude" that she chooses Lauren over him and Heidi tells him that she thinks it's "really rude that he makes her choose." Although I find these two incredibly annoying, 2 cool points for Heidi for standing up to his bs. Oh but wait, he then has the nerve to say that Heidi is choosing to live with someone who "abandons her in front of clubs." By the end of the conversation, Heidi basically alludes to the fact that she is going to move in with Spencer and now, will have to break it to Lauren. Hmm, so much for standing up to him!

Lauren and Lo are having dinner and they start talking about New Years and how they heard Jen was planning to go to Area that night, but probably ended up not going because she realized she didn't have anymore friendships to destroy. Also no boyfriends to steal, ouch!

Lo tells Lauren how happy she is to be back in LA and the girls say they would much rather have a small group of real friends then a whole lot of fake friends. Hears the good part, Lo innocently drops a bombshell on Lauren when she asks her, "who is moving into your apartment when Heidi moves in with Spencer?" Upon hearing this, Lauren and asks Lo, "Did she tell you that??" Lo tells her that Heidi came up to her on New Years and told her about the moving in with Spencer thing and that she was thinking about it. Lauren is shocked that Heidi hadn't said anything to her about it and says that she doubts Heidi will move in with him because it's just too soon.

Fast forward after the dinner, Whitney and Lauren are talking about what went down with the whole Brody/Jen/Lo/boyfriend thing and Jen calls. Lauren tells her off and says "Seriously Jen, don't be at my apartment when I get home". Love her tenasity.

*On a side note, Jen isn't the only one who did some shady things. Heidi was egging the situation on, and Brody likes to hook up with every Lugana Beach girl in sight. First Kristen, then Lauren, and Jen too-faced bunney. What a Dog, and Lauren isn't even mad at him, WFT? I don't get it, but moving on..

In a bold move on her part, Jen shows up at Lauren's appartment to give her sorry appology, and the two went at it. Jen kept trying to justify her actions, but Lauren wasn't having it. Jen ended up leaving and Lauren didn't give a damn!

After all of that, this last episode brought everything to a boil. Spencer kept hounding Heidi to move in with him, while she was debating the idea. Whitney, the super intern, had a meeting with Lisa Love about her career with Teen Vogue and she told her of a opening as Fashion editor/contributor and other interns namely EMILY, would also be up for the position. Whitney has been a intern for 5 years, girfriend deserves to shine!

They do a spot on Good Mourning America for the Oscars and the Editor at large Leon Tally saw Whitney and said she should be a model. So, she modeled Hilary Swanks blue oscar gown from a few years back (the one with the back out), well, she fell sideways as they were walking down the stairs. She got teary-eyed, but Lauren and Emily were there to comfort her. Lisa said after words that her reviews by Mr. Talley and someone named Amy were good and not to feel bad for falling cause "Even Naiomi Campbell has done it". Not sure of the complement cause Naomi is crazy, but whatever.

With all of that, Spencer called Heidi at work and met her outside. They talked for a few minutes and he was getting heated cause she was asking what the rush was of them moving in together. He was like "cause I'm ready for that next step in their relationship, and if I didn't love you I wouldn't be asking you this". Such bullcrap. Keep in mind, he has only been talking about moving in for a month. She said well "my answer is no", and he said sweet "my answer is get outta my car". She gets out and says "stupid car". First of all, what a jack*** he is and secondly that' s the bets she could come up with? Well, here's the rest of the Hills.

So, the final episode shows Spencer calling Heidi. Then, their standing outside on a balcony and she's like "so if I move in, no more girls, blah, blah, and he's like yeah. Whitney is in New York intervieving for the job and she calls Lauren I assume afterwards, Spencer is talking to Brody about some "I'm always gonna be Spencer mumbo jumbo", while Heidi is riding in the passenger seat of a moving truck, and Lauren watches her and whoever is in the driver's seat drive off.

Shewww, that was long but I had to get it all in!! Hope you enjoyed it. I hate to admit I actually watch this show but I do and it's one of those guilty pleasure type things!

Oh yeah, go here

It has all the episodes on MTV overdrive and after the show episodes as well.

Is it wrong of me to become selfish like everyone else?

Is it wrong of me to become selfish like everyone else?

No. Embrace your selfish side. Don't over do it.

Also on this date Sunday, January 17, 2021...