Disability Day 2020 is on Thursday, December 3, 2020: Morbid obesity is considered a disability these days?


Thursday, December 3, 2020 is Disability Day 2020. International day of persons with disabilities – Facebook Cover ... International day of persons

Disability Day

Disability Day, or even the Worldwide Day's Individuals with Disability, is really a day that's approved through the Un. The goal of Disability Day would be to encourage a much better knowledge of people impacted by a disability, along with rendering people more conscious of the privileges, dignity and welfare of disabled people.Disability Day began in 1992 and it is each day that's marked all over the world by a number of occasions locked in many nations. The initial reputation for this very day was the Worldwide Day's Disabled Persons. The day’s roots go as far back to 1981 and also the Worldwide Year of Disabled Persons, that was produced to enhance the lives of disabled people all over the world, in addition to prevent disabilities from occurring to begin with.Your Day can be used for holding discussions, forums and campaigns relevant to disability, and towns are urged to organise performances within their neighborhood. These may vary from hosting a musical to some play, and disabled people should engage in these productions. The general goal would be to show a thief having a disability could be a vibrant person in society.Every year your day is well known there's a focus on a brand new aspect associated with enhancing the lives of individuals coping with a disability. This Year there is a phone call to assist disabled people reside in a comprehensive society in each and every country, and also to make certain that society was as accessible as you possibly can for disabled people.

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Morbid obesity is considered a disability these days..?

For those of us who are obese, including me at 620, we don't think of ourselves as disabled (at least I don't). However, as one grows larger or is a certain size, one may not be able to walk adequately without help. Legally, that may mean the person is disabled and should benefit from certain items like motorized carts or disability parking spaces. I know that I have been offered the cart and offered by my bus drivers that I can use the bus lift to get on and off the bus. However, I choose not to take either. I still walk (slowly and much like a waddle) and swim. I choose to be this way because I love being very fat and do not consider my self disabled. That does not apply to others. If others need the diability help, they should be able to use such help. Not everyone chooses to be their size. How they choose to deal with their size is a choice each one makes and should be allowed to make.



I have not applied for disability for my daughter, or any of my relatives, but my friend has. I just thought I would mention that, so you do not think I have. You are doing the right thing for youself and your daughter. I will tell you first off, that you will get denied the first time, it is like an automatic thing that they do, to see if you are really serious. Many people who apply, will get there deniel letter, and not pursue it any further. You should hire the attorney after you get denied. Any attorney will take a portion (I forgot what it was) of your settlement. That is a one time payment, which will keep you getting benefits after that. When you put the claim in, you start with the date, that she became disabled. If you win, that first time payment will be retroactive to the date she became disabled, even if it was for years ago, and could be a good hunk of change. A good letter from your doctor, will help a great deal, as it is proof of her disability. They will ask you to take her to one of there doctors to be examined, so they can make a determination of her condition. I am not familiar with custody cases, and do not know where that will go, but bring all the information you can. Every little thing will count in your favor. I really think you have a good chance of getting disability for your daughter, but it will take time. You have to have patience, but your attorney will take care of everything, after you get denied the first time. I do not want to discourage you, by saying you will get denied the first time, but I am almost positive that you will, just keep after them, and make sure your lawyer is well prepared, on the disability laws. I hope everything works out great for you, and your daughter..Good Luck..

why is everything a disability these days?

why is everything a disability these days?

The trouble is there are people with 'Real' disabilities if my son didn't have his 'Label' he wouldn't have the help he has been getting, and the remark being not good at sports is totally irrelevant isn't it because of course that isn't a disability, i agree there are some professionals and parents who do want to label their child just because they may be a little 'slow' or not doing what they should by a certain age, but not everyone is is this way, we just want whats best for our children or family

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