Different Colored Eyes Day 2021 is on Monday, July 12, 2021: Are kitten born heterochromatic(different eye color) ?


Monday, July 12, 2021 is Different Colored Eyes Day 2021. July Fun Facts and Trivia JULY 12: DIFFERENT COLORED EYE

Different Colored Eyes Day

Different Colored Eyes Day remembers people whose irises will vary colours. Eye colour is controlled through the amounts of melanin contained in the iris, as well as in rare cases this could vary between individual eyes, producing a person getting two different coloured eyes.

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Are kitten born heterochromatic(different eye color) ?

Most kitten's eye color changes to their permanent adult color around 12 weeks or so. But since you have white kittens, it is possible they will have eyes of two different colors. If that is the case, it can mean deafness in one ear.

What are different ways to do eye makeup?

What are different ways to do eye makeup?

Different colors is your best bet, or one day don't wing out your eyeliner....just try different styles! look up some tutorials on youtube :)

Three Different Eye Colors?

Three Different Eye Colors?

OMG! my friends eyes are like this too! I don't think hers change with her mood but one day they will be green and the next day blue! One time they were really dark and greyish haha your eyes are special definitely one of a kind :)

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