Declaration of the Bab Day 2021 is on Sunday, May 23, 2021: Why is the Bab shrine located in Haifa (Israel)?


Sunday, May 23, 2021 is Declaration of the Bab Day 2021. Preschooler - Infant Playgroup (Declaration of the Bab) Declaration of the Bab

Why is the Bab shrine located in Haifa (Israel)?

The shrine was built in 1953 over the grave of Sayyid Ali Muhammad and is the world headquarters of the Bahai faith.

Sayyid `Alí Muhammad (Arabic: سيد علی ‌محمد‎ ) (October 20, 1819 – July 9, 1850) was a merchant from Shiraz, Persia, who at the age of twenty-five claimed to be a new and independent Manifestation of God and the promised Qá'im (Mahdí). After his declaration he took the title of Báb (Arabic: باب‎ ) meaning "Gate". Six years later he was shot by a firing squad in Tabriz.

Mírzá Ḥusayn-`Alí (Persian: میرزا حسین علی‎), (1817 - 1892), was a follower of the Bab. He is called Bahá'u'lláh (ba-haa-ol-laa Arabic: بهاء الله‎ "Glory of God") and is the founder and prophet of the Bahá'í Faith. He claimed to fulfill the Bábí prophecy of "He whom God shall make manifest" (Arabic: من یظهر الله‎ , Persian: مظهر کلّیه الهی‎ ), but in a broader sense he also claimed to be the "supreme Manifestation of God"[1], referring to the fulfillment of the eschatological expectations of a prophetic cycle beginning with Adam, and including Abrahamic religions, as well as Zoroastrianism, the great Dharmic religions, and others. Bahá'ís see Bahá'u'lláh as the initiator of a new religion, as Jesus or Muhammad — but also the initiator of a new cycle, like that attributed to Adam. The shrine of Bahá'u'lláh is in Akko, Israel.

Bahá'u'lláh authored many religious works, most notably the Kitáb-i-Aqdas and the Kitáb-i-Íqán. He died in Bahjí, Palestine, present day Israel, and is buried there.

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Is there a double standard flying heritage flags?

Is there a double standard flying heritage flags?

This is the United States of America, you can celebrate anything you want on any day you feel like as long as you don't violate anyone Else's human rights or break laws. Fly any flags you want, wave any banners, eat any food you like. The America that I know is all about tolerance and diversity, the land where all people have a voice, even if it is small and quiet one, they still have a voice.

Here are a few holidays celebrated in the United States as proof of diversity:



1 - Emancipation Day (African-American, United States)

1 - Feast of St. Basil (Christian, Orthodox)

1 - Japanese New Year (Japan)

5 - Guru Gobind Singh's Birthday (Sikh)

6 - Epiphany (Christian)

6 - Three Kings' Day (Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic)

7 - The Nativity of Jesus Christ (Christian, Orthodox)

13 - Lohri (Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh)

16 - Religious Freedom Day

17 - World Religion Day (Baha'i)

26 - India Republic Day

30 - Tu b'Shvat or Tu B'Shevat* (Jewish, Israel)


National Black History Month (United States)

2 - Imbolc (Wiccan)

4 - Rosa Parks Birth Anniversary

5 - Mexico - Constitution Day

11 - National Foundation Day (Japan)

12 - NAACP Founded

13-16 - Brazil, Carnival

14 - Chinese Lunar New Year (China, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam)

14 - Race Relations Day

14 - Tet Nguyen Dan (Vietnam) "Year of the Buffalo"

16 - Mardi Gras (United States)

17 - Ash Wednesday (Protestant, Roman Catholic)

17 - League of United Latin Citizens (LULAC) Founded American

24 - Flag Day (Mexico)

28 - Purim (Jewish)


Greek-American Heritage Month

Irish-American Heritage Month

Spiritual Wellness Month

1 - St. David's Day (Welsh)

2 - Mothering Sunday (England)

5 - World Day of Prayer

17 - St. Patrick's Day (Ireland, United States)

21 - Naw Ruz (Baha'i, Persia)

25 - Feast of Annunciation (Christian)

28 - Palm Sunday (Protestant, Roman Catholic)


1 - Holy Thursday (Christian)

2 - Good Friday (Protestant, Roman Catholic)

4 - Easter (Protestant, Roman Catholic)

6 - National Tartan Day (Scottish-American)

6 - Organization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

8 - Passover* (Jewish)

8 - Vesak - Buddha's Birth (Buddhist)

14 - Sinhala and Tamil New Year (Sri Lanka)

19 - Easter (Orthodox) or Pascha

23 - St. George's Day (English)


Asian Pacific American History Month

Jewish-American Heritage Month

1 - Beltane (Celtic)

1 - National Day of Prayer (United States)

2 - May Day Bank Holiday (United Kingdom)

5 - Cinco de Mayo (Mexico)

9 - Victory Day (Russia)

13 - Ascension Day (Christian)

18 - Isreal's Independence Day (Yom Ha'Atzma'Ut)

18 - Shavuot* (Jewish)

19 - Malcolm X's birthday (African-American, United States)

21 - Yom Hashoah/Holocaust Memorial Day (Jewish)

23 - Declaration of the Bab (Baha'i)

25 - Corpus Christi (American, Roman Catholic)

29 - Ascension of Baha'u'llah (Baha'i)


6 - Corpus Christi (American, Roman Catholic)

16 - Martyrdom Day of Guru Arjan (Sikh)

19 - Juneteenth

27 - Martyrdome of Joseph and Hyrum Smith


1 - Canada Day (Canada)

4 - Fil-American Friendship Day (Phillippines, United States)

9 - Martyrdom of the Bab (Baha'i)

10 - Bon Festival/Feast of Lanterns (Japan)

20 - Tisha B'av* (Jewish)

24 - Pioneer Day (Mormon)

31 - Feast of St. Ignatius Loyola (Spain, Roman Catholic)


1 - Lammas and Lughnassad (Britain, Pagan, United States)

August 11-September 9 - Ramadan (Islamic, Muslim, Moslem)

14 - Pakistan's Independence Day

15 - India's Independence Day

15 - Liberation Day (Korea, South Korea)


Sept 15-Oct 15 - National Hispanic Heritage Month (Mexico)

1 - Israel Miraji Ascent of Prophet Muhammad

8 - Rosh Hashanah* (Jewish New Year)

10 - Eid-Al-Fitr (Islamic, Muslim)

16 - Mexico's Independence Day

16 - Lailat-Ul-Quadr (Islamic, Muslim)

17 - Yom Kippur* (Jewish)

19 - San Gennaro Day (Italian-American)

22 - Autumnal Equinox (Japan)

22 -Sukkot* (Jewish)

30 - Shemini Atzeret (Jewish)


German-American Heritage Month

National Italian-American Heritage Month

Polish-American Heritage Month

1 - Simchat Torah (Jewish)

10 - Cirio de Nazare (Brazil)

31 - Reformation Day (Christian)


National American Indian Heritage Month

1 - All Saints' Day (Christian, Roman Catholic)

1 - Dia de los Muertos "Day of the Dead" (Mexico, Latin America)

2 - All Souls' Day (Roman Catholic)

5 - Diwali (Buddhist, Hindu)

12 - Birthday of Baha'u'llah (Baha'i)

16 - Eid al-adha (Islamic, Muslim)

December 2010

6 - St. Nicholas Day (International)

8 - Bodhi Day - Buddha's Enlightenment (Buddhist)

1 - Hanukkah* (Jewish)

7 - Al Hijra - Muslim New Year

12 - Virgin of Guadalupe (Mexico)

13 - Santa Lucia Day (Sweden)

16 - Ashura (Islamic, Muslim)

16-25 - Las Posadas (Mexico)

25 - Christmas (Christian, Roman Catholic, International)

26 - Boxing Day (Canada, United Kingdom)

26 - Kwanzaa (African-American - Dec. 26, 2009 - Jan 1, 2010)

how many holidays are there in the world?

how many holidays are there in the world?

There are hundreds.... I was going to list them but it would take all are a couple to get you started.......

* Naw Ruz (Bahá'í New Year)

* 1st Day of Ridván

* 9th Day of Ridvan

* 12th Day of Ridvan

* Declaration of the Báb

* Ascension of Bahá'u'lláh

* Martyrdom of the Báb

* Birth of the Báb

* Birth of Bahá'u'lláh

* Vesak

* Bon Festival (in Japan)

* Blessed Rainy Day in Bhutan

* Samhain (Celtic): 31 October-1 November, Celtic New Year, first day of winter

* Winternights (Norse): 29 October-2 November, Norse New Year

* Yule (Norse): 21 December-22 December, winter solstice, Celtic mid-winter

* Imbolc (Celtic): 1 February-2 February, Celtic first day of spring

* Ostara/Easter (Norse): 21 March-22 March, vernal equinox, Celtic mid-spring

* Beltane (Celtic): 30 April-1 May, Celtic first day of summer

* Litha (Norse): 21 June-22 June, summer solstice, Celtic mid-summer

* Lughnasadh (Celtic): 1 August-2 August, Celtic first day of autumn

* Mabon/Harvest End (Norse): 21 September-22 September, autumnal equinox, Celtic mid-fall

* Advent

* All Saints' Day

* All Souls' Day

* Ascension Thursday (Ascension of Jesus into Heaven)

* Ash Wednesday (beginning of Lent)

* Assumption of Mary (Assumption of the Virgin Mary)

* Candlemas

* Childermas

* Christmas (Birth of Jesus)

* Corpus Christi (Sacrifice of Jesus)

* Easter (Resurrection of Jesus, end of Lent)

* Easter Triduum

o Holy Thursday (Celebration of The Last Supper)

o Good Friday (Death of Jesus)

o Holy Saturday

o Easter Vigil

* Easter Monday (Monday following Easter Sunday, not part of the Easter Triduum)

* Epiphany

* Lent (40 days of penance before Easter)

* Pentecost or Whitsun (Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples of Jesus)

* Shrove Tuesday or Mardi Gras (last day of Carnival, last day before Ash Wednesday)

* Winter Lent

* Watch Night

* Akshaya Tritiya

* Baisakhi

* Dasara

* Diwali

o Diwali Amvasaya (Laxmi Puja)

o Diwali (day 2)

o Bhaubeej

* Durga Puja

* Ekadasi

* Ganesh Chaturthi

* Gokul Ashtami

* Gudhi Padwa

* Guru Purnima

* Holi

* Karthikai deepam

* Krishna Janmaashtami

* Mahashivratri

* Mahalakshmi vrata

* Makar Sankranti

* Navratri

* Onam

* Pongal

* Rama-Lilas

* Ram Navami

* Vaikunta Ekadasi

* Vijayadashami

* Ugadi

* Aashurah Muharram

* Eid: date determined by the lunar calendar and observation of the moon

o Eid ul-Fitr

o Eid ul-Adha

* Mawlid Al Rasul - Celebration of Prophet Muhammad's birth

* Nisfu Shaaban

* Nuzul Al Qur'an - First revelation of Holy Koran

* Ramadan-ul-Mubarik

* Isra' Mi'raj - Prophet Muhammad's ascension to heaven.

* Youm Arafat - Eve of Eid ul-Adha

* Hanukkah (also: Chanukah; the Festival of Lights)

* Passover

* Purim (Deliverance from Marcus Mit C)

* Rosh Hashanah (New Year)

* Shavuot (Festival of Weeks; Harvest Festival)

* Sukkot (The Feast of Tabernacles)

* Tisha B'Av

* Tu Bishvat (New year of the trees)

* Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)

* Thanksgiving - (second Monday in October in Canada, fourth Thursday in November in USA) —

* Winter Solstice, Yule -

* Hanukkah -

* Christmas Day - (25 December) —

* Kwanzaa (USA) - (26 December - 1 January) —

* Boxing Day (26 December or 27 December) — non-Sunday after Christmas.

* St Stephen's Day or Second Day of Christmas (26 December) — Holiday observed in many European countries.

* Eid ul-Adha (31 December 2006 or 22 December 2007) —

* New Year's Day - (1 January) — Holiday observing the first day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. Preceded by New Year's Eve on 31 December, which is celebrated with festivities in anticipation of New Year's Day.

* A secular name for these holidays is a winter holiday.

* Valentine's Day (14 February)

* International Women's Day (8 March, particularly in Eastern European Countries)

* Hug a Cop Day (23rd June)

* Labour Day, Worker's Day or May Day (1 May in most countries. The United States and Canada both celebrate on the first Monday in September)

* Mother's Day (second Sunday in May in North America, fourth Sunday in Lent in UK)

* Father's Day (Various dates depending on celebrating country)

* Halloween (31 October)

* Astronomy Day (date varies depending on cycle of Moon)

* World Ocean Day (8 June)

* Canada Day (1 July) in Canada, celebration of the date of the Confederation of Canada. In effect Canada's political independence from the British Empire in 1867.

* Independence day (4 July in the United States; many other nations refer to the holiday celebrating their independence as Independence Day as well. )

* Lee-Jackson-King Day (20 January) Combined holiday celebrated in the Commonwealth of Virginia from 1984 to 2000

* Confederate Memorial Day Celebrated by the original Confederate States at various times during the year.

* Martin Luther King Day (third Monday in January in the United States)

* Groundhog Day (2 February in United States and Canada)

* Spring Holiday, a secular euphemism for Easter or Good Friday. Counterpart of "Winter holiday".

* Patriot's Day (third Monday in April in Massachusetts and Maine, United States)

* Queen's Day (30 April in the Netherlands)

* Labour Day (Many European and South American countries celebrate Labour Day on May 1)

* Hug a Cop Day (23 June International)

* Loyalty Day (1 May in the United States)

* Juneteenth (19 June) Official holiday in 14 states that commemorates the abolition of slavery in Texas (unofficial in 5 other US states)

* Victoria Day (Monday on or before May 24 in Canada, also in some parts of Scotland)

* Flag Day (14 June in the United States)

* Pioneer Day (24 July in Utah, United States)

* Labor Day (first Monday in September in the United States (federal holiday) and Canada)

* Grandparents Day (Sunday after September Labor Day - proclaimed in the United States by Jimmy Carter in 1978)

* Sweetest Day (third Saturday in October, Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan in the United States)

* Mother-in-Law's Day (fourth Sunday in October, Germany)

* Saint Nicholas Day (05 December in the Netherlands, 06 December in Belgium)

* Boxing Day (26 December in the Commonwealth of Nations)

* Holidays originating in ancient Latvia

Also on this date Sunday, May 23, 2021...