Daughters' and Sons' Day 2019 is on Saturday, March 2, 2019: Have you ever heard of National Daughter'sSon's week?


Saturday, March 2, 2019 is Daughters' and Sons' Day 2019. Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work" day at White House - UPI. Our Daughters and Sons to

Have you ever heard of National Daughter’s/Son’s week?

I could have sworn there was something called "Kid's Day" when I was growing up, and then it seemed to vanish. I used to ask my parent when was Kid's Day, and the standard answer was "every day is kid's day".

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Chinese Mothers: "Let no mother be so unfortunate to arrange her own son’s daughter’s funeral".?

Chinese Mothers: "Let no mother be so unfortunate to arrange her own son's daughter's funeral".?

My first reaction to the response to the question was: "This is exactly what the government told the people."

(PLEASE NOTE: I am not criticizing the writer of the response . . . I am merely giving my reaction to the response.)

For an entire year after Tiananmen, there were five or more broadcasts per day from the state controlled media about how students tried to forcefully overthrow the government in a violent revolution in Tiananmen Square. The news reports were that the government successfully prevented this coup attempt and the people of China should be very grateful for the government for preventing such lawlessness and chaos. The event is not taught in schools . . . most of my graduate students are not even aware of it as they were too young and too far away at the time to follow the news.

Remember, Beijing, while a large city, is a very small part of the country of China at large. Most people in the country didn't have a clue what was happening at that time. And yet, the entire country, from small 10-family villages with radios to large cities were subjected to the same news reports, day after day after day.

In 1990, I heard these same broadcasts as I traipsed through small villages in Yunnan Province. I was sooooo tired of hearing those broadcasts! At some point, I remember thinking that I understood how brainwashing worked . . . it takes too much energy to fight against it after a while. While I never believed the broadcasts . . . after all, I knew the truth and saw the students, troops, etc., I was mentally fatigued of the strain it took to translate everything and dispute it, even in my own mind.

I never had the goal of telling people the truth about Tiananmen, nor do I have that goal now. My goal was (and still is) to learn from the people of China.

The people of China don't need us (foreigners) to tell us about their own government actions. They know more about it than we do. They know the good (and there is some good), the bad and the ugly. They know the bitterness of actions and yes, they know the sorrow of burying their children.

My mother (age 52 at the time) died on July 2, 1989 with her funeral held on July 4. Every year, I am quite aware of the anniversary of her death because of the United States Independence Day. The day can't just slip quietly by with my only realizing it after the fact. My grandmother was never the same after her daughter's death as she too, was vividly aware of the void in her life. No mother or father wants to outlive their children.

However, ranting and raving and riling up emotions on an internet forum is neither productive nor being a part of change. Being a part of change is to be a part of the lives in question. I do not dismiss the grief of families who lost loved ones 20 years ago . . . I'm sharing the same sorrow with the same anniversary of my mother's death. I will gladly hold the hand of the anguished family members and cry with them. However, I will not rail against the actions that took the loved one away. Hate is a wasted emotion. I'd rather the celebration of loved ones' lives be at the forefront, rather than anger at what took them away eating away at the core of my soul.

Why there is no Sons’ Day if there is Daughters’ Day?

Why there is no Sons' Day if there is Daughters' Day?

It's because sons were historically treated as more important that daughters that Daughters Day was established -- to help with the self-esteem of girls.

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