Chauvin Day 2020 is on Saturday, August 15, 2020: Does anybody know any fun facts on France?


Saturday, August 15, 2020 is Chauvin Day 2020. Every Day Is Special: August 15, 2012 - Chauvin Day August 15, 2012 - Chauvin Day

Does anybody know any fun facts on France?

It is referred to as L’Hexagone, which means the hexagon, due to the geometrical shape of the country.

April Fool's Day is believed to have originated in France, in 1564

A "French letter" is an "English condom".

a number of words in the English Language have originated from French individuals. For example, the word 'chauvinism' is believed to have originated from Nicola Chauvin, a soldier in Napolean's army whose loyalty to the emperor was legendary. The word 'sadism' originated from the name of Marquis de Sade, a French nobleman who led the life of a libertine and wrote sadistic novels.

The word "hôtel" in French refers to any large building rather than just a place that rents rooms. So City Hall in French is hôtel de ville which has led some tourists to try and check in.

when the Eiffel tower was first built, everybody hated it

The melody of the Elvis Presley hit "Can't help Falling in Love" is actually "Plaisir d’Amour”, a classical French love song that is about two centuries old.

French fries are from Belgium

"Take French leave" translates as "leaving the English way"

French learned to eat snails from the Italians during the Renaissance period

French people wash more often than the British. Of course they only take one bath a week on average, but that's because they take five showers a week as well on average.

In Paris on the first Wednesday of the month at 12.00 and 12.10 the warning sirens sound all over the city to check them up. The date is different in other cities but the ritual is always the same.

There used to be trees along most roads in France, put there on Napoleon's orders to give shade to his soldiers when they moved around. They were cut down when cars became common in the 70's as too many cars ended up wrapped around those trees.

A French president, Felix Faure, died in the arms of his mistress Marguerite Steinheil. She was whisked out through the back door of the Elysees palace before the news of his death was announced.

Following up on that tradition, when President Mitterrand died his wife, his children, his mistress and her daughter were all present at his burial. All the journalists had known about the mistress since the beginning but had been asked by the Elysees to be quiet about it to protect the private life of the girl and her mother. They did. When the truth came out noone in France found this silence outrageous.

Most so called facts about French history on Yahoo are false.

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What are some good mountains I can climb.?

What are some good mountains I can climb.?

Well that totally depends on where you live. Judging from your screen name I am going to go out on a limb and assume you live near Cape Cod, i.e. in New England. If so, you are in the heart of the origin of US alpinism, congratulations. The best thing to do, assuming you can afford it, is to head up to North Conway and hire one of the many guides (EMS, Chauvin, IME, etc.) to give you a multi-day mountaineering intro. If you do this with one or two others, it will probably cost you around $500 (if you do it as a 1:1 private lesson it will probably be close to $800 or $900), but it will give you a great jump start into mountaineering. They will teach you basic cramponing technique and rope skills, basic ice climbing, and you will have a chance to take a relatively non-technical route for an ascent of one of the peaks in the Whites (most likely Mt. Washington, but they will tailor it to whatever you want as long as it is in your skill level).

If you are more interested in the technical climbing aspect, you can go back and do a mid-level technical ascent of one of the gullies in Huntington Ravine of one of the many other alpine routes in the area. If you are mostly interested in ice climbing (but probably not since you said high-altitude mountaineering), the Adirondacks are the best place to go, and many guiding companies operate there as well.

After you have been introduced to the basic concepts, you can start to practice on your own and do a few winter ascents in the area. When you feel comfortable you can then progress to higher altitudes like Colorado 14ers (non-technical) and Rainier (around 14k feet), which will require a guide unless you somehow obtain enough glacier travel experience beforehand and have an equally-experienced partner. This will let you see how you operate at higher altitudes. Once you have done this, you can move onto guided climbs of some Mexican volcanoes (around 16k feet) and then to a more serious climb of Denali in Alaska (around 20k feet). The next step would probably be Aconcagua (around 22k feet, I believe).

Of course this will require many years and thousands of dollars, but that is what is required to progress in mountaineering. Good luck and take your time, because rushing beyond your skill level or experience is what gets people killed in this sport.

Are there any men proud to be "chauvinistic"?

Are there any men proud to be "chauvinistic"?

Please forgive my sidestepping the body copy. Just the lead in and bottom line are enough. Pride is a negative trait. Number one. If you tell a lie enough, people will think it's the truth. That's true. Pride is bad.

You got the spelling down on lead in but not at the end. Basically correct. The word you want is in fact ' Chauvinistic '. It's also a buzz word to shore up flimsy notions of present societal deportment.

It's from the French later transferred to ' Calvin ' in Switzerland.

Jean Chauvin.

The real take on Christianity. But, you should research it yourself. Don't trust clerics, don't trust me. Do it on your own. If you screw up, you've only yourself to blame.

John Calvin - Institutes of the Christian Religion

Because France was Catholic, he fled on pain of death. His teachings were a little too close to the bone and bad for business.

Nuff sed.

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