Chaos Never Dies Day 2020 is on Monday, November 9, 2020: Do you think that humans would die out one day?


Monday, November 9, 2020 is Chaos Never Dies Day 2020. GC34EDN November 9~Chaos Never Dies Day (Traditional Cache) in ... Chaos Never Dies Day When

Chaos Never Dies Day

You will find, you probably know this, a large number of days devoted to worry relief, calmness and usually relaxing. All nowadays focus on the idea that we’re too busy, too bustly, and want to step from everything for a while. However the world doesn’t work like this – we’re all busy, constantly, and nothing’s ever simple or quiet!Chaos Never Dies Day takes setup the perfect, quiet moment we’re all pursuing and anticipating doesn’t – and sure won't – exist, which we ought to take full advantage of now, chaos-and-all, and embrace as soon as.

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Do you think that humans would die out one day?


The world will end in 2012.

In that year there will be 3 solar eclipses. [that has never ever ever happened before]

Google Nostradamus's predictions.

He predicted Global Warming which is a great cause in our world ending.

Global warming is heating up the water and you know that the earth is 75% water.

Hurricanes, tornadoes and twisters only strike up from warm water.

Also there is a comet that is coming towards earth.

A comet killed the dinosaurs.

Scientists are trying to figure a way to shoot rockets away from earth but if they break the comet with the rocket then it would only hit us worst because pieces of it would hit us in different areas.

Also, our world is in complete chaos!

We are in a deep deep depression which is affecting tons of countries so we might get another world war!

So there are tons of reason that the end is near.

So live it up and drink it down.

I wanna die!!! Can’t live anymore!!! Give me some ideas.......plzzzzzzzzzzzzz?

I wanna die!!! Can't live anymore!!! Give me some ideas.......plzzzzzzzzzzzzz?

It's only in May. . you have 26 days until May. So, you have time just take a break from the work. Do something that you love or makes you happy. Then take a nap, eat something then the next day start back studying for accounting. I know how it is, Finals is coming up and I still have tests this week to study for. You'll do great just don't sweat it.

175 died in iraq about that surge?

175 died in iraq about that surge?

Bush is the Tool or Slave of Isreal. Overthorwing the Bush Administration would be most enjoyable, excellent strategy to see someone carry out, especially while wearing the brown and black (Braun and Schwartz) with black German jackboots and the "famous armband on the left arm"!!! BLITZKRIEG Bush, dress him in black and white stripes within a camp, hand him a shovel to dig anti-tank ditches, and feed him sawdust soup from the "community soup barrel"!!!

The other question to examine is that is there a difference between Hitler and Bush? Hitler is a Military Einstein compared to Bush who went A.W.O.L. when the Vietnam War was occurring. Bush's invasion of Iraq is similar to the invasion of Polen (Poland in German). Where are Iraq's weapons of mass destruction? An insurgent is a person revolting against an established government. How can a Muslim be an insurgent when Iraq really does not have an established government. His lied caused chaos in Iraq, however, Former President Clinton was removed from office when his sexual lie did not bankrupt the country or cause death or permanent injury such as the loss of a person's appendage.

Since an insurgent is one that revolts against a governing body or legislation according to a Webster's Dictionary, I presume that George Washington shall be considered an insurgent who led a "Revolutionary" War against British Redcoats to gain Independence. Therefore, the Colonials led by George Washington was an insurgent group. Also, the Fourth of July Holiday for Americans is a celebration of Independence for Americans that the United States earned through an insurgency called the Colonials.

If another country in the world would make a lie about the United States and state that the United States had weapons of mass destruction and invaded the United States, Americans would act identical to the Iraqi "so-called" insurgents which is to fight to protect the "American Freedom". What do you want? Iraqis to do give warm hugs when the U.S. military bombed Baghdad and declares war on Muslims. Just as Americans wanted revenge for 9/11/2001, the Iraqis want revenge for the United States's terrorist attack on Baghdad, Iraq when Iraq has NEVER BEEN PROVEN TO BEING INVOLVED WITH 9/11! America or the United States is the Slave of Isreal. Bush's lobbyists consist mostly of Jews. Isreal is allied with Bush in order to buy the United States military equipment to become the stronghold of the Middle East and to declare the war on Muslims.

September, 11, 2001 may not have been terrorist attack, it could have easily been a revenge attack because the United States Federal Government may have been irrationally treating the Middle East in a top secretive manner of hostility. The United States Federal Government will never admit to this since, similar to Pat Tillman, it is black op operations and does not want their citizens to know what is actually happening. Instead, every person in the United States believes that their government is correct when they would become disgusted if they were to ever discover the truth, which is impossible to information being declassified. In other words, the United States Federal Government may have performed hostile actions toward Muslims without ever being placed on the media, therefore, never knowing. If something happens to Isreal, how swift it is placed on American media, especially radical FOX News all propaganda without facts!!!

Also, please refer and read about Operation Northwoods or the Northwood Operation of the 1960s.

Did the hijackers not live in Florida and train in flight schools in Florida, which is the state governed by George W. Bush's brother Jeb Bush? Was not Marvin Bush working in The Twin Towers purchasing stock in airlines and insurance claims prior to September 11, 2001? Out of all days in the year of 2001, how come George W. Bush was in Florida that day? What is that calculated probability?

Referring back towards Bush and Jews, why is Hitler looked upon negatively for the Holocaust of Jews? How come the Jewish people seemed to be the only group remembered in memorials? What about the Poles, gypsy, mentally and physically handicapped, Danes, French, Czech, homosexuals, and etc. The only reason Americans feel sympathy for Isreal is because the United States is the TOOL OF ISREAL and all of its American media. If the United States was faced with the same conditions under The Treaty of Versailles, for example Deutschland was only allowed 100,000 soldiers with no Air Force or Navy to protect the Great Country Deutschland, the United States would have seeked revenge just as identical to Hitler trying to "Aufbau" or build up Deutschland after the collapse and depression of Berlin.

Today, the United States does not want Iran to pursue nuclear or atomic weapons. However, the United States used an atomic bomb on Japan. For all religious groups against abortion, did the atomic bombs not cause birth mutations and death of fetuses nursed by Japanese women? The only reason the United States does not want Iran to have weapons is to protect Isreal. Bush is war crazy, therefore, why is he and the United States Department of Defense permitted to pursue atomic weapons and military technology? Does this make other nations on this planet feel safe since the United States is war aggressive? Why cannot Iran help supply Iraqi with military technology to guerilla warfare groups? Does not the United States utilize other countries for help in Iraq such possibilites as Canada, England, Germany, Poland, Japan, and Austrailia armed forces? Therefore, why the hypocrisy from the Bush Administration about Iran assisting Iraqi? What did Iraq do to any of the above mentioned nations or countries?

The world is exhausted by the Bush Administration hypocrisy. Commander in Chief sounds too similar to Hitler, but those who support Bush CANNOT ADMIT TO HIS DICTATORSHIP when it comes to the war in Iraq on the people whom follow Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon Him. Therefore, the United States has their own version of the Third Reich. If people in the United States can praise Bush, then others should be able to praise Hitler. The United States population, therefore, should no longer be able to critize the Third Reich historically.

George Bush has caused many Iraqis an awful fate. If Saddam Hussein was excuted for harshly treating Iraqis, therefore, where is Bush's "equal punishment"? Bush caused more Iraqi to die than Saddam. STOP DEFENDING BUSH. If you still insist to support Bush and are at least eighteen years old, then join the military and deploy to Iraq if you have nothing to be frightened is only post-war stress syndrome, loss of an appendage, or death. Not too bad for consequences when going to a war with a country that never attacked the United States? The United States should only declare war if a country had or attempted to attack the United States. Therefore, the United States has a quantity of the Third Reich in its blood, which the United States shall never have the ability to critize the Harkencreuz, Eisen Creuz, Waffen Shutzstaffel, Panzer, or any other Third Reich terminology including Blitzkrieg.

The United States CANNOT STAY IN IRAQ FOREVER. WHERE WILL THE UNITED STATES GET THE FUNDING AND ADDITIONAL TROOPS NEEDED? Have a military draft and probably be sure to view consequences similar to what is currently occurring in Iraq (vengeful protests and civil war).

This answer is coming from inside the United States, but I am of pure German blood and heritage. If the United States does not impeach George W. Bush and Dick Cheney is because the Americans are pathetic Isreali slaves, which who are brainwashed by Jewish interests and Western democracy. Americans are so stupid that when Florida was recounting the chads in the 2000 election, the Americans DO NOT UNDERSTAND THAT DEMOCRACY DOES NOT EXIST! IT IS NOT INDIVIDUAL POPULAR VOTES FROM REGISTERED VOTERS, BUT IS THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTES THAT ELECT THE PRESIDENT!!! THEREFORE, WHAT WAS THE POINT OF COUNTING THE CHADS AND VOTING IN GENERAL ELECTIONS?

USE THE AMERICAN MARINE SAYING AGAINST THE AMERICAN BUSH ADMINISTRATORING HYOCRITES.... KILL THEM ALL AND LET GOD SORT THEM!!! It seems okay to do this to Iraqi, but the Americans would dislike this situation if it would happen to them. Look at their reaction to Hurricane Katrina and the incident at VT University.

For Deustchland and all my German brothers, "Deutschland, Deutschland über alles!"

Also on this date Monday, November 9, 2020...