Brain Injury Awareness Day 2020 is on Saturday, March 21, 2020: When people are paralyzed on one side of their body due to a brain injury.?


Saturday, March 21, 2020 is Brain Injury Awareness Day 2020.

When people are paralyzed on one side of their body due to a brain injury...?

Again as other posters stated it does depend on the location of the brain injury. But to answer your question with some simplicity here is some interesting thigs I have saw in my days of working in a rehab center. Mostly working with patients who suffered a CVA.

Sided neglect- true and interesting to witness. In this instance the patient would literally neglect that side, We would attempt to teach safety awareness for the affected side, such as not letting an affected arm dangle off the side of the wheel chair and the patient would literally act as if the affected side wasnt there. We would ask them to wash thier face and they would neglect the affected side. When pointed out visably the patient literally didnt see it. Some say its a brain's defense mechanism as far as dealing with the emotional turmoil of the stroke.

With kids who have CP you see alot of neglect. I think with them its a combination of being born with limited to no use of one or more extremities so to them they really arent there and they neglect them.

As far as the spech goes most know they cant talk (and knew they could at one point). One guy I worked with who had a frontal lobe stroke literally thought he spoke clearly yet it sounded very garbled. With his case (I am guessing because it was in the frontal lobe which controls inhibitions) this guy didnt even percieve he had a stroke at all and would always try to get up and walk. Basically he thought nothing was wrong. He also had many anger problems because he could not comprehend what was going on at all.

Anyway long story short most do percieve something is wrong. Even the ones with sided neglect knew something wasnt right.

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Why are women posting colors as their status today? 1-19-12?

Why are women posting colors as their status today? 1-19-12?


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I don`t know why is posted today specifically, but here are the colors and what they stand for.

how long we(indian) cry peace: why don’t we think that if really want peace we most adopt the

how long we(indian) cry peace: why don't we think that if really want peace we most adopt the method of peace ?

Mass movement is key factor for peaceful progress of India but for this utopian state India is still very primitive. Bunch of people cant make a significant impact to give a face-lift to India. For the advancement of India following are the hurdles - corruption, negligible support of Gov. for talented people(leading to "brain drain"), lack of basic awareness on various day to day issues viz. pollution, Ecosystem, and so many.

Moreover first people should be civilised then trained to excel in their area of interest.

Also on this date Saturday, March 21, 2020...