Best Friends Day 2020 is on Saturday, August 15, 2020: When is Best Friends Day?


Saturday, August 15, 2020 is Best Friends Day 2020.

When is Best Friends Day?

All of my sources say June 8th is Best Friends' day.

"June 8th is Best Friend’s Day (Mine would be anybody that brings in an Applesauce Cake!)

Name Your Poison Day (Is it poetic justice that this is also Best Friend’s Day?)"

Greeting "Upcoming Date: Jun 8, 2008. Best Friend's Day."

This Day - 8th June. Holidays & Observances - June 8, 2005 ... Best Friend's Day - United States of America.

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Bring-a-friend day at great america?

Bring-a-friend day at great america?

Hm - just to clarify some things...California's Great America amusement park is part of Cedar Fair...their season passes only give "Bring a friend" discounts...not "free" tickets like Six Flags park's season passes. So your wouldn't be able to go free, but there's a discount...they vary on certain days, I'm not sure what the dates are this year, hopefully someone else can tell you or you can simply call them and ask (408-988-1776) - I know several Cedar Fair parks have "Bring a friend" for $9.99 on Mother's and Father's day, which will most likely apply to Great America. They might have Bring a friend for $19.99 on other select days (if you call the park, they will tell you) - usually valid for spring break, then a week in June or August.

Another thing - you can only use ONE coupon per passholder per day - so if you happen to go on a day that the Bring a friend Discount is valid, you can only use it for one friend.

Hope that clarifies some of your questions.

what are you planning for friend ship day?

what are you planning for friend ship day?

Yeah Happy Friendship Day 2 u,nothing me have no friends 2 celebrate,all friends i have r on FB Y!A so yeah miss school days,just for friends!friends nahi toh life ka koi maza nai,well now my family & my sirs & some friends r all friends that also on mob. sms or if i go out there,means i have friends but don't have a gang!:')

Also on this date Saturday, August 15, 2020...