Authors' Day 2019 is on Friday, November 1, 2019: May 25th is a day set aside to honor a famous Author's Writings. What is the day called?


Friday, November 1, 2019 is Authors' Day 2019. National Author's Day November 1st - News - Bubblews National Author's Day November

Authors’ Day

Celebrate literature in most its forms on Authors’ Day, and show your appreciation for that incredibly effort place in through the authors behind your favourite documents.

May 25th is a day set aside to honor a famous Author’s Writings. What is the day called?

Towel Day. The day of tribute to Douglas Adams. Don't Panic!

What is the author’s message in the book dust by arthur slade?

What is the author's message in the book dust by arthur slade?

Robert’s 7 year-old brother, Matthew, mysteriously disappears one day as he is walking to town to buy some gum. Robert had been asked by his mother to accompany Matthew to town, but Robert refused. A series of events causes Robert to worry: the hens are frightened, blood is present in the eggs he gathers, and a broken jar echoes a girl’s voice.

At first there is a concerted effort to find Mathew. A great sadness descends on his mother and father until the appearance of a stranger changes everything. Abram Harsich purchases the old movie theatre and puts on a spectacular event which mesmerizes the townspeople. Through the use of a trick mirror, he convinces them that he can bring rain to the parched area by building a rain machine. The townspeople enthusiastically involve themselves in the construction of the machine, convinced of Abram’s genius.

Robert, however, is extremely suspicious. The townspeople operate as if in a dream state. His parents seem to have forgotten Matthew’s disappearance. His only ally in questioning Abram’s tactics and plan is his Uncle Alden. Abram visits Robert’s class at school and demonstrates his collection of live butterflies to the students. One butterfly seems to be especially wondrous, spreading dust over the students as it flies around the room. In the next few days, a couple of the students disappear.

The new machine does as Abram promises and brings rain to the area. What was once a dry brown land begins to transform into a lush green landscape. One day Robert sneaks into Abram’s house while Abram is busy picking up equipment. He finds jars filled with dust and young children in suspended animation. As he explores more deeply, it appears the children’s souls have been harvested to be used by aliens. Luckily he’s in time to save his brother, but many of the abducted children cannot be saved. Abram is destroyed and taken by the aliens.

Matthew is reunited with his parents. The town awakes from its trance. The landscape returns to normal, but Robert has been changed forever.

What does an artist do all day?

What does an artist do all day?

You have to do leg work first. It's really, really hard to be a successful artist.

1) Practice. You have to actually be good.

2) Network. If you know some people in bands, offer to design album artwork for free for one or two, to gain experience. You can then put that design in your portfolio.

3) Have a portfolio. You have to be able to show your work to potential clients.

4) Illustration is a completely separate career field from graphic design. Publishing houses have in-house illustrators that they like to go to when they're putting a book together. This is not a steady job, it's an as-needed job. They call you one day and say "I've got this romance novel that needs a cover, it's about a Scottish beer wench being whisked away by a Redcoat," and you have to come up with several different proposals.

What does NOT happen here: Authors do not pick the illustrator (USUALLY) and publishing houses do NOT pick illustrators that have never had a job in the field before. You usually have to know someone, or impress someone in the business. Publishers want to know that the artwork you create has a fan base first (this is especially critical for children's books).

5) Start by building a fan base. Set up a website (professionally.) and put up your portfolio. Try to get featured in local galleries. Build a local fan base. Sell prints/merch at art fairs or online. People have to know you exist.

You can't just wake up one day and say "I'm going to draw a picture and sell it today."

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