America's Kids Day 2021 is on Tuesday, June 29, 2021: America's Election Day (in November) should be a national holiday to increase turnout.agree?


Tuesday, June 29, 2021 is America's Kids Day 2021. Let's Get America's Kids Eating Healthy! - Every Day with Rachael Ray Rachel in Kids Classroom

America’s Election Day (in November) should be a national holiday to increase turnout...agree?

Yes, well, maybe.

Better yet, leave the polls open for a full 24 hours so everyone who wants can get there, regardless of what their other commitments are. Too many people can't vote because they find out they have to work a double shift at the last minute (that happened to my sister) or some other unexpected emergency popped up during the day and they couldn't get to the polls in time before they closed. As I type, I'm home with three kids with strep. My only chance to vote will be IF my husband gets home in time for me to make it to the polls. He leaves at 6 AM, has a late meeting today and works over an hour away from home, so I'm not holding out much hope.

IF you know ahead of time that you won't be able to make your local voting place, sure, you could get an absentee ballot and then pray that it really gets counted, but you have to know and apply for it well in advance.

To all you people who commented below who have pie in the sky ideas that no one works 14 hours a day or commutes to work so they may work two hours away from thier voting place, get a grip on reality and cut your fellow Americans some slack. That's not being lazy, it's living and working in the real world.

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what’s wrong with America’s youth these days?

what's wrong with America's youth these days?

you know I asked this EXACT question a lot of times

and from my point of view and the answers of others, it's always the same...decreased values, too much freedom, materialistic objection being the center of the average young person's world, a lot of illegal immigrants who don't have time for their kids, influence from rap and people like Lil Wayne who practically brainwash these kids as to what is "cool", ignorant uneducated people, susceptible to almost anything they see from the media

it's a really sad thing, but it's reality, and there is always some way to at least deal with it, i'm 19 and have seen so many stupid kids get themselves hurt or killed because of wreckless behavior due to their stupidity to listen to what rap or shows tell them is "acceptable", too many kids are in the media's melting pot and only care about materials, instead of moral values

I say, ZERO TOLERANCE on those little bastards and have some kind of mandatory requirement for every kid in America to learn a certain subject or something, it should be like how it's mandatory for them to get all their hepatitis shots, either way it's something to keep them safe right?

and to those who say otherwise, you're just living in denial, compared to 60 70 years ago the youth of today are a bunch of criminals and ignorant kids, the truth does sting but that's why you have to change for the better, I doubt that in the 1930s girls were opening there legs at the age of 16, girls are sluts nowadays, and guys are a bunch of stupid horn dogs

wisdom from someone young is as hard to find as a rock from the moon that hit earth

America’s Got Talent?

America's Got Talent?

there are all kinds of singing talent shows out there but its not everyday that you see a ventrilliquist using a puppet and singing in various voices and putting on a show that the kids enjoy.this man will be winning the hearts of children all over the world and making their days a little brighter.i absolutely enjoyed every performance he did even though i din't vote.

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